Michelle Wolferts Alleged Abuser Faked Kidnapping in Teenager Family Abduction

Michelle Wolferts

Michelle Wolferts – Parental Kidnapper – “Alleged Abuser”

In July 2014, Sonja “Michelle” Wolfert‘s two teenage daughters went missing from Orem, Utah. The mother who shared custody with her former spouse claimed they were teenage runaways and filed a police report. But 18 months later, the 15 and 16 year old girls were found living in an apartment with their mother. Michelle Wolferts was charged with custodial interference, filing a false police report and housing fraud.

The Michelle Wolferts Case represents a number of Teenager Family Abduction Cases. After a prolonged custody battle in Family Court with her former spouse in which she did not receive sole custody, the protective parent mom / family court critic faked a teenager runaway or missing child case. In cases like these, numerous hours of law enforcement resources are spent in searching for the missing children.

After the arrest of the parental kidnapper, the protective parent / family court critic groups start plastering the Internet on sites like Facebook, Twitter and even setup separate websites to support this act of civil disobedience. The Wolferts case was also featured on the Dr. Phil Show in the show, Parental Alienation or Runaway Sisters?

What is disturbing in this case is that Michelle Wolferts and her supporters and some of the Media including the Huffington Post are labeling the Searching Custodial Father in this case as the “Alleged Abuser”, “Documented Abuser” and “Admitted Abuser”. Some sites are even using another term that starts with a P that is even more inflammatory. As we have seen in other protective mom cases, the mother will use any means including acts of civil disobedience (slander) and the media (regular media and social media) to get sole custody of her children.

Here are some other notes on this case:

  • There are some legal documents on the Internet such as Opinion No. 20110646-CA Filed October 3, 2013.
  • The older daughter Brittany that has moved out of the house has a public blog on the case supporting her mother, the parental kidnapper. Like her mother, the daughter appears to want to say anything to support her mother. She has not yet been charged as a third party accomplice.
  • A Psychologist, Dr. Randy Hyde has spoken out for the mother and appears to be leaking private and confidential mental health information about the minor children in a public interview for his own professional reputation. This has to be a violation of professional ethics.
  • The Searching Father has said the mom is the “Abuser” in this case.

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