Madonna: The Left-Behind Parent


Madonna – A Victim of an International Family Abduction

Many of us in the International Family Abduction Community have been reading about the Madonna and Guy Ritchie International Custody Dispute. There are reports that Madonna’s son ran away from her custody, hired an attorney and is going to court as a teenager to change the custody arrangement. That said, it is Madonna who has International Custody in New York City. And there is a Custody Order that orders that her son live in New York City. There is also a Court Order that orders Rocco back to New York City.

Guy Ritchie should buy a ticket for his son and in the spirit of co-parenting, he should force his son to get on an airplane and live with his mother. At least, temporarily until the New York Court Hearing in February. But he isn’t doing that, so this is clearly an alleged International Family Abduction. Guy Ritchie is clearly an alleged International Parental Kidnapper. As a child, you can’t unilaterally decide you want to live with your other parent and move into the other home before going to court.

It now appears that as the alleged victim parent, Madonna is venting her frustration with this ordeal in her work which happens to be very public with her recent Nashville show. Apparently she stunned the audience in a foul-mouthed rant and there are reports that she had over-consumed alcohol after the show. For many left-behind or searching parents in our Family Abduction Community, some of us can relate to this. It must not be easy for Madonna, in addition to the press about her parenting style that is more than likely spoon-fed by the Ritchie and/or Rocco PR camp.

We’ve always held the position that there is never any legitimate excuse for a Family Abduction. Guy Ritchie has had plenty of opportunities to abide by the court order, but he has not. If Guy and his son Rocco didn’t like the custody agreement, they should respect the existing NY Judge’s Court Order. Before the court hearing in February, Guy has time to show some respect for that Court Order. We hope he does!


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