Oakland County Michigan Attorneys Support Judge Lisa Gorcya



BIRMINGHAM, Mich., Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Family law is one of the most difficult areas of practice. Judges and attorneys have to deal with sensitive and often contentious issues. These include child custody, child support, parenting time, spousal support, and the division of assets and debts. These issues are compounded by the emotional turmoil of unhappy people who may be worried or resentful of the fact that they are going through a divorce in the first place. Domestic violence, parental alienation, difficult personalities, or a combination of all three, only further complicate these cases. Too often, judges see good people on their worst behavior.

We are all attorneys who regularly practice family law in Michigan’s Oakland County and appear before the Honorable Lisa Gorcyca. We can attest to her compassion for families and her desire to zealously uphold the law. She considers all arguments before making a decision and she does not rush to judgment. Her greatest concern is the best interest of the children involved in divorce, custody, and parenting time disputes.

Judge Gorcyca has served on the Family Court bench for nearly eight years and has gained a reputation as being a conscientious and even-handed judge. She treats litigants and attorneys with courtesy and respect.

Recently, we believe that there has been a rush to judgment concerning a particularly public case. As practitioners who have dedicated our careers to family law, we are offering our support to Lisa Gorcyca, both as a jurist and as an individual.

Members of Family Law Attorneys in Support of Judge Lisa Gorcyca include:

Lippitt O’Keefe Gornbein, PLLC
Norman L. Lippitt
Henry S. Gornbein
Lise M. Spresser
Gilbert Gugni
Keela P. Gracey
Mark S. Papazian
Matthew S. Weaver
LeRoy H. Wulfmeier, III
John F. Schaefer
Mark A. Bank
B. Andrew Rifkin
Irika N. Mellin
Kristen L. Robinson
Harriet B. Rotter
Nancy K. Stone
Lorne B. Gold
Edward D. Gold
Randi P. Glanz
Ada Kerwin
Timothy T. Fryhoff
William O. Lynch
Robert Z. Feldstein
Daniel B. Bates
C. Lynn Gates
Daniel Findling
Susan E. Cohen
Michael A. Robbins
Kurt E. Schnelz
Robert E. Kostin
Donald E. McGinnis, Jr.
Lynn Capp Sirich
Leslie Neil Greenwald
Albert L. Holtz
Susan E. Paletz
Renee K. Gucciardo
Ronald W. Tolbert, II
James P. Cunningham
James J. Harrington, III
Mathew Kobliska
Sheldon G. Larky
Douglas A. Hyman
Lowell S. Friedman
James D. Moriarty
Gerald A. Gordinier
Kari B. Schlaff
Andrea Badalucco
Sabrina S. Cronin
Eden J. Allyn
Kristin M. Smith
Nazli G. Sater

About Lippitt O’Keefe Gornbein, PLLC

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7 Responses to Oakland County Michigan Attorneys Support Judge Lisa Gorcya

  1. Margo/Mom says:

    Really glad to see you folks watching this case. I worry about all these social media folks who seem to have no reasonable boundaries when it comes to such things as custodial interference (flying the banner over the school), publishing kids’ personal information and sending tweets urging dangerous behavior–not to mention death threats receive by adults associated with the case.

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Margo,

      Really glad to see you folks watching this case. I worry about all these social media folks who seem to have no reasonable boundaries when it comes to such things as custodial interference (flying the banner over the school), publishing kids’ personal information and sending tweets urging dangerous behavior–not to mention death threats receive by adults associated with the case.

      Thank you very much for your comments on the case. Yes, I agree with you that the situation has escalated and these adults that are parents are showing no “reasonable boundaries”. I would like to think these same parents have reasonable boundaries with their children, but are certainly not exercising them in their social media posts. I too am appalled by all the kids’ personal information that is being published on the Internet. This is a permanent record for the rest of these children’s lives. As a parent, you see this but these other parents do not.

      We have followed the lives of some of the children that were the center of attention to the high conflict divorce cases. The kids are now adults and the majority of them are not interested in having this past information on the Internet. Many of them have changed their names.

      I would like to see these social media folks I’m calling “Maya’s Groupies” remove these court documents from the Internet “in the best interests of the children”. They can still exercise their right to free speech without publishing this information.

      The Oakland County Court cannot be expected to create miracle, but hopefully it can take steps to de-escalate this situation so both the families can move forward with their lives.

      Thanks again Margo. Your children are lucky to have you have a mom.

      The Editor

    • I didn’t think that where the judge sent the kids was appropriate since juvenile camp is generally for kids that are leaning towards delinquency.
      But the more I think about it the more I felt that mom was wrong to alienate the kids from their father.

      • underwatch says:


        I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on these Teenager Family Abduction and Teenager Custody Cases.

        a) Do you think only parents must adhere to a Family Court custody order or are teenagers too responsible?

        b) I think teenager runaways can be sent to juvenile camp. So is that so different than what the Judge did in the Tsimhoni case?

        c) Do you think teenagers should be allowed to decide which parent has sole custody or is that a bad idea due to the possibilities of parental alienation? Or more likely, does it depend on the situation such as a better school for the child?

      • Margo/Mom says:

        Celeste, I believe that there are some errors in your information. The place that the children were sent was basically a sheltering institution for children whose parents are not able to care for them. I am guessing something of a stopgap prior to a foster placement for many, or return to parents for others. In this case, there certainly were “leanings” towards delinquency in that the children had a history (not just a single incident) of defying court authorities, not just the Judge. When children refuse to follow the directive of a deputy in uniform to move from a hallway bench into the courtroom (presumably they were already so directed by their mother, although this is not clear), this is certainly pre delinquent behavior.

        However, I think you are also confusing the camp where the children ultimately spent some weeks (as arranged by the father and the GAL, both of whom have been portrayed negatively as not caring about the children) with something that it is not. The camp where they went was a pricey religiously based summer camp that pretty certainly served a population of suburban and upper middle class children. Children are typically enrolled by their parents, not the courts.

        But, I also agree that consideration of the broader questions is in the end far more fruitful. I have followed a handful of cases now in which children were out of the bounds of their parents’ discipline, including at least one runaway. In fact, runaway kids are frequently held, at least temporarily, in some sort of secure facilities while things can be sorted out. Laws provide for this under various “status” violations (things that are only illegal based on one’s age). Knowing how incredibly vulnerable such children are (to real dangers like trafficking), as well as knowing that many such children may be leaving behind real issues of concern at home, as well as needing to be assured that the child will not run again, well, makes sense to me.

        That said, I can also easily endorse scrutiny of such facilities, and all of child protective services on a regular basis. Sadly, I think that such services get little thought so long as they are thought of as being for someone else, like those so called pre delinquent kids we envision. It’s only when we recognize some kids like our own that an outcry is upraised, and then, as in this case the uproar is not about improving treatment for all kids, but rather that these kids didn’t “deserve” such treatment.

  2. Very interestingly! In Russia very much which keep out матерей to the children of daddy. Millions of children are deprived rights such “матерями”. We have a matriarchal country. Rights for men and отцов are broken at millions…. For me the same situation is with a senior son (to him now there are 11 years). In spite of decision of court I am kept out there are 4 years to him! A child is psychologically forced by his mother (and its relatives help it). Organs of guardianship in Russia are in 100% from women. There are 90% women in courts. Many these women were in a divorce. They hate men. Courts and guardianship do not want to protect a right for children from such “mammy”. Although in Laws of Russia it is written are parents of равноправны and discrimination forbidden. And the State helps to destroy families. That it was comfortably to manage crowd. Children growings without a father – easily to manage by them (such children are foolish and defenceless). Your judge acted correctly. Bully for you!
    And I took away the second (junior) child (on his request). Then was in runs with him (hidden). And after three (!!!) years won a court… So much nerves were spent with a child… We very suffered. Nobody was punished. No indemnifications…

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