Madonna and Guy Ritchie International Custody Dispute

Madonna Guy Ritchie International Custody

The January school session at the prestigious Lycée Français de New York private school in Manhattan is starting in January and their son will not be attending. Despite being ordered by a New York Judge to come back to New York, their son is staying in London with his dad.

We don’t know what is in the custody order, but it sounds like the venue of the case is in New York. For the son to move to London where he has been living since November, he should have received permission from the New York court. He and has father can’t open a new case in London (venue or forum shopping). There is a court date scheduled in New York in February.

In these teenager cases, this sounds more like a “runaway” then a “teenager family abduction”. And there is probably more to this case then we are reading in the tabloids such as the son blocking Madonna from her Instagram and Mandonna being too controlling.

Madonna did a movie called The Next Best Thing in 2000 with Benjamin Bratt. In that movie, Madonna’s character goes through a custody dispute. She is certainly familiar with this subject matter.

As we have said in other cases, celebrities like Madonna, Guy Ritchie, Kelly Rutherford and Alec Baldwin are role models for the rest of society. As teenagers will be teenagers, it is important for parents to stand together in coparenting these young adults. We hope that these celebs living on different continents can work out their International Custody Agreements for the best interests of their children.


One Response to Madonna and Guy Ritchie International Custody Dispute

  1. Let’s hope that mom and dad can act in their son’s best interest and learn to co-parent.

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