Judge Lisa Gorcya on Parental Alienation

Judge Lisa Gorcya spoke out about Parental Alienation in the case of Omer and Maya Tsimhoni and their three children. The mother is accused of alienating the kids against their father. This case made national news when Judge Gorcya sent the kids to a Juvenile Detention Facility. The mother lost custody of the children and her visitation suspended. The judge also ordered gag orders in the case.

The mom and her supporters have tried to get the judge to recuse herself from the case and have filed complaints against her.

Editor’s Note: If you view the video, these children and their mother clearly have a disrespect for both the Judge and the Court System (like the Rucki Girls and Sandra Rucki). If you read the complaint, the children refused to have lunch with their father at the courthouse lunch room. Most kids today would have done that. The mother and her attorney would clearly like the judge removed from the case. That said, the mother has not seen the kids in over 2 months while the father is in reunification therapy with the children. Despite the negative press the judge is getting, we believe that Judge Lisa Gorcya cares about these kids and genuinely did everything possible to reunify the children with their father.

We respect what Judge Lisa Gorcya did and applaud her efforts in the Tsimhoni case. She may have engaged in some judicial puffery in her court room speak, but in our opinion, these kids deserved it. These kids should should have respected the judge and her court order. We hope that the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission will not take any action against Judge Lisa Gorcya. Our Judicial System needs more judges like her.

Finally, this case started in 2008 when Maya Tsimhoni, now a pediatric eye doctor and glaucoma researcher at the University of Michigan fled Israel in an International Family Abduction. The family had previously lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The father returned home in Israel and found that his wife had kidnapped the children to the United States. The judge ruled to not return the father to Israel in the case. The father is a traffic safety researcher and General Motors engineer.


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Plane flies banner over Tsimhoni children’s school (Fox 2, 10-14-15)

Complaint filed against judge who sent kids to ‘jail’ (Detroit Free Press, 12-15-15)

Family in Crisis – Judge’s decision to send kids to detention center sparks controversy (Detroit Jewish News, 07-15-15)



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