Opinion: Your Say: What about dad?

Here is a post from the Sunshine Coast Daily.

DOROTHY Lee Barnett, it wasn’t until I got to the quote “I went through hell” in the story on page six of the Sunshine Coast Sunday (13/12/2015), about you stealing your daughter from her father in America and going on the run from authorities for the next 20-plus years that I became irate enough to put pen to paper.

Those authorities in the USA thought your daughter’s father was substantial enough as a human being to be allocated custody over yourself and subsequent events proved beyond doubt they were right.

You not only deprived the man you had a child with all the joys of parenthood for 20 years, you did it in such a way that person (the birth father) couldn’t celebrate a birthday with his daughter. Instead he had to grieve about never knowing how his flesh and blood handled the challenges all children have in life and never having the joy of helping them overcome those hurdles because you were hiding her existence from him.

He never got to cuddle his offspring. He never had the pleasure of reading her a bedtime story. He never had the opportunity to apply a Band-Aid. He was never there for her as most fathers like to be. And why? Because you decided to deprive him of all of those joys of parenthood in defiance of the courts in the USA.

Any organisation that supports you should take a good hard look at themselves, and for a local surf club [Mooloolaba Surf Club] to condone your actions by offering support is a tragedy.

The surf club you thanked is supposed to be there for the families that make up the community – not for illegal immigrants who defy the laws of the land. Make no mistake Ms Barnett, you were an illegal immigrant.

Congratulations are due to Stephen Schofield, who no doubt tossed and turned over destroying a friendship over a matter of principal when he chose to contact authorities and stop this farce from continuing.

Finally, to the editors of this paper … where is the other side of this tragedy?

Where is the father’s version of “I’ve been through hell”, because without doubt he has been through a daily hell while the sad excuse for a caring human being you have reported favourably about (again) is still getting support for being a current criminal.




13 Responses to Opinion: Your Say: What about dad?

  1. Lorraine says:

    Well said, George.

    Here is another article http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/kidnap-mother-tells-of-life-on-run-former-fugitive/2871434/. Among the comments from posters are Dorothy buds, Bruce and Myron. I find Bruce’s still strong belief in Dorothy’s innocence odd, especially as she pleaded guilty. Dorothy US bestie Myron “prays that one day Alex Lee will be able to return to Australia”. This guy’s morals leave me gobsmacked. Dig into your own pockets, Myron, and reimburse the Australian Government for what Dorothy cost the Australian people financially. The nerve of the guy thinking that Dorothy should be able to waltz back on into Australia at her whim. I bet his mate, Dorothy, isn’t keen on handing over whatever money she got for the interview.

    One has to wonder what is being taught to young people at the Mooloolaba Surf Club. I get it that was Dorothy’s boy’s surf club. But, the adults running that establishment should be ashamed of themselves if their thinking is that Dorothy’s criminal activity is okay.

    Party girl Dorothy might just have to join the Charleston party crowd. Not sure whether she will ever pass the character test to enter Australia again.

  2. b t nelson says:

    What kind of garbage is your Australian press feeding you? The father is a sociopath who didn’t want the baby, who wanted the mother to abort the baby and when she wouldn’t he kicker her out of his house. And then conspired with a psychiatrist to make the mother look crazy and then worked his magic on the judge and prosecutor. Listening to the father makes my skin crawl. Thank God the mother ran as fast as she could. He is still trying to prosecute the family out of revenge. And you know Savannah doesn’t even speak to him. She met with him once and never went back!

    • Lorraine says:

      B T Nelson, I missed your comment of last month. But, all is well, as I now have found it. Something tells me you might be one of Barnett’s bud set pretending to be otherwise. Not from the Sunshine Coast are you?

      You talk about “prosecute”. I am still hoping that New Zealand might still prosecute Barnett for falsely acquiring New Zealand. That is also a criminal offence. That falsely-acquired New Zealand citizenship allowed Barnett to enter Australia and falsely acquire a Medicare Card, among other things. That is also a criminal offence.

      When in Australia what Barnett didn’t anticipate was the other Mountain Creek ‘napper of her children’ – as an aside, she is well-behaved these days, and her children have recovered well from their mother’s conduct and brainwashing. They happily live with their father in another country.

      It seems unreal that there were two of them holing out a matter of a street or two apart from each other. I wonder if they knew each other and exchanged media and propaganda tactics? The other child ‘napper now she also was a right piece of work. She played the system and the Australian people like a fiddle. Pulled out all the spin and propaganda just like you are doing, B T Nelson.

      The difference between her and Barnett being that she was an Australian citizen. Barnett had to be extradited at great cost to the Australian taxpayers. That’s right, she was a guest in Australia and the bud set thought that Brucey et al could call on Mal who, in turn, would call on George, and put those pesky FBI in their place. Didn’t that fall over big time! But, I reckon she still yearns for gin and tonics on the Mooloolaba yacht club deck, and is probably still wanting to call Australia home. What do you reckon her chances might be, B T – buckley’s or none? Will she pass the Australian character test for entry into Australia? Barnett knows no shame, so I reckon she will try.

      For your information, B T, your comments are disgraceful in support for Barnett’s illegal conduct. I bet you would not be amused if this happened to you or one of yours! And, the daughter is still to get through the rest of her life. Chances are that in the fullness of time, she will come to the understanding that her mother has played her like a fiddle.

  3. Margo/Mom says:

    Mr. or Ms Nelson. I have followed several cases recently, and find that words such as “sociopath” and “abuser” are frequently used, very loosely, to describe the left-behind parent as well as to justify the illegal acts of the other parent, whether they are simple denial of visitation or all the way to abduction. The implication is always that courts and/or law enforcement were simply wrong (either stupidly, perversely or through some act of corruption) in making custody decisions, leaving the allegedly “protective” parent no responsible option under the law.

    So–I would ask that you provide some very specific indicators of the sociopathy which you allege is present in this father. What evidence do you have to offer of a conspiracy between the father and a psychiatrist to “make the mother look crazy.” And how did he “work magic” on a judge.

    The fact that this man’s child has rejected him does not speak clearly to me of anything at this point beyond the clear reality that she grew up believing things told to her by her mother. Abandoning those beliefs–even in the face of clear evidence that they are false–must be regarded as highly complex and challenging. One can only hope that with time she will seek help in understanding all that has transpired between her two parents.

  4. Sara says:

    Ok to those who believe the lies told by the mother, explain this: if the father wanted the child aborted and did not want children, then why the custody battle? Hmmmm? Why the 19 year search? The mother is a blatant liar.

  5. She Ra says:

    Agreed!! I just saw this criminal on 48 Hours and even now shes still so defiant! No remorse for straling her daughter from her father. And she inly got 21 months in jail???!!! 20 years of loss for the father and Lee is ounished less than 2 years? Her friends and family rmbrace her as though shes a hero! If the father was so bad she shouldve followed the law and fought fairly in court. Unfortunately their daughter savannah lives in a dreamland of love for her mother and awkwardness and distance from her father . I Hope she never knows the pain of losing a child to someone who you once loved.

  6. Carolina M. says:

    I agree with you. She’s a horrible mother, selfish and a criminal. She did what all women do who know they are so horrible that they will lose custody…she lied and called abuse. This is why women like me have to fight harder to protect our kids. She’s a disgrace to women and mother’s everywhere. Thank you for writing this. I just saw the case today on ID.

  7. I agree that she should have gotten more than 21 months in jail for what she did.

  8. Margo/Mom says:

    48 Hours just did a rerun over the weekend. I don’t know if the specific diagnosis that was arrived at many years ago is completely accurate (these things are not always so cut and dried as they seem and sometimes it takes a good long while and multiple professionals to settle on the best-fit diagnosis). I have questions about whether the mother and daughter suffer from delusional beliefs in conjunction with an inherited illness, or whether the daughter has simply been impacted by years of believing things that are factually untrue.I would suggest, however, that making off with a child that one does not have legal custody of, changing names, leaving the country and living decades in hiding while criss-crossing the globe is not evidence of a sound mind.

    It also raises questions about who was helping this woman.

  9. askdottie says:

    I am I absolute agreement!! This is an outrage!! I first heard of this story today, Sunday June 4, 2017 on an episode of Dateline on ID and I immediately started searching the internet for an article that would allow me to comment on this story! I honestly don’t think I have ever been this irate over a show that I’ve watched like I am about this one!! To think that Dorothy Lee Barnett was able to do what she did and pretty much get a slap on the wrist for it is beyond my comprehension!! Think about what Savanna’s father went through every single day that she was gone!! The hell he suffered! All you have to do is look at this man and you’ll see how depleted he looks from the emotional and mental strain this put on him! Not to mention the resources he used to try and find his daughter… which I believe he should absolutely sue Dorothy Lee for!! Meanwhile she’s off gallivanting around the world having a blast with her daughter on beaches!! Makes me sick!!! The judges decision was absolutely correct when he gave full custody to that baby’s father! Dorothy Lee couldn’t handle the fact that it was proved that she was an unfit mother! So basically what she did was say FU to the judge and the entire judicial system and took her daughter anyway!! All I can think about is Karma and she’s a B***h!!

  10. Casey says:

    I’ve been through similar problem with the justice system not capable of dealing with mental illness. The worse the unjust claims, the more crazy the innocent person looks. In my case I decided not to run. The outcome for my child has been horrendous as they have been used as a revenge tool. I did not react and the father eventually overplayed his hand by dumping child (he knew I believed a child should know both parents but in a protected environment). Again I did not respond which has escalated his anger. After 6 years a reunion happened. He too was not interested in child. Picked up blaming and anger like time had not passed. Child hurt, so damaged. Should I have run and dealt with my guilt and pain? My child may be as well adjusted as Sam obviously is. I note Sam does still want to have contact with her father. Seems he won’t address her reasonable issues.

    • underwatch says:

      You never spent time in jail like this mother did. That is the difference between your situation and hers. This father went to an Ivy league school and when his child would have afforded with many opportunities in life. That might not be the case with many of the rest of society. I doubt every night she spent in jail she was not regretting her decision to become a criminal. I hope “protected environment” does not equate to “sole custody” in your mind. If you brought a child into this World with someone you could never coparent with, your position towards coparenting could be questioned. Do you think if your former spouse remarried and had another child you could actually share joint custody?

    • What about dad’s right to have access to his child? Mom never thought of that before she took the baby and hid her for 20 years of her life.
      For 20 years of her life she’s been lied to and alienated from her father for the mother’s selfish needs.

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