Taking Felony Depreviation of Custody Seriously in Minnesota

Some of the protective parent network leaders in the past such as Faye Yager of the Children of the Undeground have always bragged about having influential supporters in their network. This would include politicians, FBI Agents, journalists, child protectionists and social scientists.

In the past, some of those have icnluded retired FBI Agent Ted Gunderson; Indiana Criminal Justice Professor Hal Pepinsky; Journalist Gerlado Rivera; Kathleen Faller, PhD of the University of Michigan School of Social Work; and Dr. Roland Summit, M.D. of UCLA Medical Center.

More recent protective parent movement supporters include: Garland Waller, Professor at Boston University; Wendy Murphy, TV Legal Analyst and former lawyer to Kelly Rutherford; Elaine Aradillas of People Magazine and Rita Smith formerly of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and now a paid consultant to the National Football League.

In the prosecution of Sandra Rucki and her third-party co-conspirators, this may be the first times there is factual evidence available including witness DN. This witness didn’t want to testify but told law enforcement about emails on his computer that purportedly led to other key evidence. It’s almost as if he took some type of oath not to reveal or disclose protective parent information (and what would happen if he did?)

In prior cases, the search for the black book of protective parent network supporters or a copy of the Protective Parent Playbook has always been elusive to law enforcement and others. Is it possible some of this information was on DN’s computer, Dede Evavold’s computer or Gina Dahlen’s computer?

After an arrest, what normally happens is that the Protective Parent Network will have top level politicians put pressure on the local District Attorney to not prosecute the case. This would include any case against any third party conspirators. Since most DA’s are elected officials, political pressure would also be applied by the local domestic violence groups.

This is a parental kidnapping and the criminal trial of Sandra Rucki and any third parties are not about putting the children’s custodial father on trial. Fortunately, the District Attorney in Dakota County is an experienced and skilled prosecutor with an outstanding track record. His office should be able to withstand the pressure put on by outside parties and ensure that this protective parent network works to improve our legal system rather than to protest against it.

The kidnapping of children or Felony Deprivation of Custody against their custodial parent is a very serious crime and while our Family Court System is not perfect — you can’t have parents taking the law into their own hands and kidnapping their children. You can’t have non-degreed proclaimed child protectionists creating civil disobedience for this cause. You can’t have two teenagers thinking they too can violate a judge’s court order. You can’t have a mother claiming she doesn’t know where her children while attending NASCAR Races, NHL Hockey Playoffs and vacationing at a Beach Resort.

Now that the victim Rucki girls are starting therapy, it’s  time for others to be charged and prosecuted in this case.



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