The Minnesota Protective Parents

There is no National Protective Parent Headquarters like their was in ’90s with H. Joan Penningtons’ National Center for Protective Parents. Joan Pennington was labeled as an Activist Attorney by one of her peers in the Protective Parent Network. Back then, Joan Pennington received Federal Grants in excess of $300,000 and other donations in an attempt to build and train a network of protective parent attorneys and other child protection professionals. The organization closed and Pennington has said she has retired.

In Minnesota, the Minnesota Protective Parent Association “Promoting positive change in family Court” is headed by Bonnie Roy who was born and raised in Carver County. She has 2 children and had a case in the family court system for 7 years. She claims to have been financially ruined and had her family emotionally traumatized. See Bonnie Roy’s profile.

There was a profile of a second leader of the Minnesota Protective Parent Association, but in a Google search, that profile has since been removed. It is the profile of Minnesota protective parent Dede Evavold.  See Dede Evavold’s profile here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 5.57.48 PM

The non-profit Minnesota Protective Parent Association was incorporated in February 2014 to fight child abuse, domestic violence, corruption and court injustice. It was incorporated by guess who, Dale Nathan as reported on a post at

The website provides the phone number 952-412-1637 and email It has a link to the MN Coalition for Battered Women. It has a link to State and Federal Funding, but there is no information on specific public or private grants or funds it receives.


3 Responses to The Minnesota Protective Parents

  1. Just Wondering says:

    Has anyone checked the records of this group on Minn Secretary of State? Records say it is inactive!

  2. Safe Child Minnesnowjob says:

    Protective Parent… Really?!?!

    Bonnie Roy is now the Minnesota State Leader for The Safe Child Act. Seems Bonnie has a thing for disbarred attorneys. First Dale Nathan and now Barry Gold$tein.

    Roy is being funded and supported by a wealthy, politically connected private investor who was found by a court to have sexually abused his daughters.

    The investor has been spotted at several “Safe” Child Rallies, even personally meeting with Goldstein.

    You can see footage of this individual picketing at the Capitol with Roy here:

    Goldstein was just on the news again supporting Roy.. so who here really is protecting children?!?

  3. Safe Child Minnesnowjob says:

    More on Bonnie Roy:

    “The contract for deed purchaser of a townhouse faces contract cancellation and eviction because she failed to meet her payment obligation. Bonnie Roy appeals the district court eviction…”

    Turns out Roy says she is not responsible for making payments because a charity offered to help with the mortgage. Only the check the charity wrote.. bounced! Roy failed to make payments on her own.. and tried to shift responsibility to the charity stating they had “guaranteed contract payments”.

    Yup, Roy was ready to dump $211,000 worth of debt on a charity to buy her a condo. Thankfully the Appellate court did not fall for this wacked out con job.

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