Sandra Rucki Hospitalized Briefly – Back to Jail

Sandra Rucki was hospitalized with a head injury and under guard at Regions Hospital after a fall, according to Dakota County Judge Karen Asphaug.

The injury occurred at the Ramsey County workhouse. The details of her injury are not being reported.

Here are other recent developments in the case:

  • TV  Interview – Sandra Rucki did an interview from jail with ABC-TV 20/20.
  • New Felony Charges – Sandra Rucki now faces six felony counts of deprivation of parental rights.
  • Aggravated Sentence – The County is seeking an aggravated sentence against Sandra Rucki, saying she caused the girls’ father “particular cruelty” for depriving him of the girls for two years.
  • Photos – Polinski said photos recovered during later searches showed Sandra Rucki with a friend in different places in the world. Rucki was arrested in an exclusive resort in Florida although Rucki has since claimed she is indigent seeking representation from a Public Defender paid by Dakota County.
  • Dede Evavold Email – An email message from Dale Nathan’s 29,000 emails was sent two days after the girls went missing from Dede Evalvold, a friend of Sandra Rucki. Attached to that email were two typed letters from the girls, with handwritten notes under the signatures.

The next hearing December 7, 2015. Sandra Rucki’s attorney will no doubt seek a lower bail.


Grazzini-Rucki hospitalized after head injury in workhouse (Sun This Week, 11-24-15)


Mother of Runaway Lakeville girls took daughters to ranch, charges say by Brandon Stahl (Star Tribune, 11-25-15)



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