Will There Be Any Others Arrested In The Rucki Girls Kidnapping Case?

Thanksgiving is a time when families get together for the Holidays. For the Searching Families of a Family Abduction, that usually means that there are empty chairs at the dinner table. These are chairs that should have been filled by the missing children.

Before the Holiday weekend, it would be an ideal time to see an immediate and decisive arrest of any third party conspirators. These conspirators would be able to have their Thanksgiving dinner in jail for time to think about the consequences of aiding and abetting of the kidnapping of children. Had Sandra Rucki and her conspirators used the Family Court System to settle any custody issues she had with her former spouse, then these conspirators would not have to have spent their Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend in jail.

It is horrifying to think that the Rucki girls were to have been isolated on that ranch in Herman, Minnesota for two years. If that is the case, then one has to ask were there other kidnapped children also on that ranch? And if that is so, then the best course of action is to have charges against those that kept them isolated. Other charges should also be filed against any other parties that assisted in the kidnapping.


One Response to Will There Be Any Others Arrested In The Rucki Girls Kidnapping Case?

  1. Adela says:

    I couldn’t stop thinking on the Skelton brothers with all the Thanksgiving talk.

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