Breaking: Newsweek Article Reporter Interviews Dede Evavold

Reporter Max Kutner of Newsweek was able to interview some of the parties involved so we get the first hint as to Sandra Rucki’s defense.

Incredibly, he was able to interview Dede Evavold, who is providing testimony as to what Sandra Grazzini-Rucki told her. Dede Evavold appears to be providing some hints as to Sandra Rucki’s probable defense. We can’t wait to hear more interviews from Dede Evavold.

In addition, Robert Lowery, Jr. vice president of the missing children division at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and Donna Linder, executive director of Child Find of America are interviwed. We are very pleased to see these members of the Missing Children’s Community commenting on the case.

Robert Lowery, Jr. said: “I think it was always believed from early on that the children ran away to be with the mom. So we werer really interested in her activity.

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Editor’s Note: Yes, the Anonymous Editor of The Family Abduction Watch did give an interview to Max Kutner. We  don’t usually like to do this but we felt the Sandra Rucki case is important as it represents a Teenager Family Abduction. There appears to be a growing number of these cases.

In addition, the Rucki girls were found in the Minnestora so this is one of the first times the District Attorney can more easily prosecute any third party conspirators. Usually, the third parties are located in other states which makes prosecution very costly.

We’ve already seen a few of Sandra Rucki’s supporters post comments on the Newsweek page. It makes me very sad to hear that adults and their supporters are applauding the Rucki girls for ignoring a court order by a judge. How can any adult applaud a  chid for disrespecting a judge?



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  1. Cammie LaValle says:

    Fyi if you haven’t seen this yet.


    Cammie LaValle

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