Life was Most Likely Difficult for the Rucki Girls

Gianna Rucki, Samantha Rucki, Sandra Rucki

Gianna & Samantha Rucki – Family Abduction Victims – Found

For two teenager girls, living in hiding away from their friends and family for the two years after their initial television interview, it was probably not so easy. Although this is not a typical Family Abduction where the mother goes into hiding with the children, its not the first “Teenager Family Abduction“. The Rucki girls are not the first teenagers to be persuaded to violate the Family Court custody order and to be allegedly hidden by their protective parent mother and her network of supporters. There was the infamous Elizabeth Morgan Case in the ’80s where Dr. Morgan sent her child to New Zealand with her parents and stayed in jail rather than divulging the location of her child. And there was an earlier case where a young teenager rather than go to high school was sent underground to act as the babysitter for another underground mom. That girl was in Europe while the Rucki girls were in Herman, Minnesota in a remote and isolated area.

Let’s see, New Zealand vs. Europe vs. Herman, Minnesota.

While these teenagers should have been in high school concerned about their friends, extra-curricular activities and checking their Facebook wall — they more than likely received weekly secretive calls from their mother Sandra Rucki. As the self-centered, homeless and now proclaimed indigent Sandra Rucki frolicked with her new BF in a luxurious Florida Resort — the Rucki girls were on a Horse Farm.

Unfortunately, the sensationalism with opportunity to appear on television and in the media is misguided ploy that the protective parent groups use. The influential teenager may wrongfully perceive that this could lead to a Kardashian-like life. In the above previous cases, it did not. Both girls ended up changing them name.

We have seen the social media support of those Family Court Critics that may truly believe that the our Family Court System needs improvement. But in our opinion, exploiting the lives of these two teenager girls is not and will never be the solution. These Family Court Critics or Protective Parent Movement supporters need to find another way to support their cause. Again, we sincerely hope that the Minnesota Judicial System and Law Enforcement will prosecute those that aided and abetted in this crime. That will send a strong message to the Rucki girls so they have an opportunity to move on with their future and young adults.



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