Breaking: Sandra Rucki Divorce Case Facts – Download Court Order

Sandra Rucki, Mugshot

Sandra Rucki Mugshot

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In these protective parent cases, the case usually starts out with a large number of maritial assets and a protective mom that spends way more than her means in litigating the case. We already saw that in the Kelly Rutheford case.

During the initial Rucki divorce in 2011, Sandra Rucki was asking for sole and legal custody over the 5 children, ownership of their homestead, $3,673 per month in child support and $10,000 per month in spousal maintenance. Her former spouse could keep his business. Sandra Rucki tried to get an order for those terms during a default heaing where he or his attorney were not present.

The order was eventually vacated the divorce proceedings would begin which would include over 3,000 orders. The courts rightfully assigned a Guardian Ad-Litem Attorney “GAL” for the five children and ordered drug testing, psychological and absue evalutions and reunification therapy for all five children.

As the case proceeded, the parties did not comply with their own agreements over custody, parenting times and child support as is common in protective parent cases when the mom and her protective parent/family court critic attorney may have no respect for the court. As documented in the case in 2012, Sandra Rucki did not cooperate with the GAL as well as the reunification therapy. We don’t know all the details but she probably was not cooperative in providing custody time to her former spouse. The court was concerned that Sandra Rucki was engaging in parental alienation. This is what led to Dr. Paul Reitman, PhD.’s report and recommendation that the Rucki children should be removed from Sandra Rucki’s custody and care. The children’s paternal aunt, Tammy Love was given temporary physical and legal custody of the children.

Meanwhile, the GAL Julie Friedrich asked the court to withdraw as GAL. Ms. Friedrich indicated that her ability to advocate on behalf of the children had ben compromised by Sandra Rucki’s inteference and false allegations. She also expressed a concern about personal threats made on a blog devoted to discussing this and other state court family cases.

Eventually on September 11, 2013 a custody trial was to be held by prior to the trial, Sandra Rucki’s controversial attorney Michelle MacDonald informed the court that she intended to file a federal lawsuit against the Judge personally in this case and suggested the trial (can’t believe she did that).

On November 25, 2013, the judge awarded soel legal and physical custody of the minor children to Rucki’s former spouse. Sandra Rucki was given supervised parenting time.

As November 2015, Sandra Rucki is now claiming she owes her attorney Michelle MacDonald over $200,000 and that she is indigent. That’s also how many of these protective moms end up. That’s a huge amount of money spent on legal fees rather than staying at a luxury resort in Florida that should have gone toward the Rucki children including Samantha and Gianni. But again, that’s usually how these cases are.

Download Rucki Court Order Here


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