Breaking: Dede Evavold Protective Parent Supporter was Michelle MacDonald’s Campaign Manager


It sounds like the Minnesota Protective Parent supporters are now being outed with the recovery of the Rucki Girls in Minnesota.

The key evidence that led to the discovery of the Rucki girls was allegedly found in the home of of Dede Evavold. It was Evavold that was the campaign manger for controversial attorney Michelle MacDonald (Sandra Rucki’s Attorney). MacDonald ran for Minnesota Supreme Court in 2014 but was not elected.

Dede Evavold is also a writer and major contributor to the Red Herring Alert. That publication has been publishing details about the Rucki case for a number of months under the Author’s name Susan. It’s likely that Susan is Dede Evavold. As many of the protective parent movement recommends, protective moms have to take their case to the media (rather than family court).

Editor’s Note: In past decades, the protective parent movement or underground has boosted about having recruited a network of influential judges, law enforcement and other professionals. Let’s hope that Minnesota Law Enforcement and our Judicial System prosecute any third party conspirators that aided and abetted in hiding the Rucki girls.


Law enforcement search home of Michelle MacDonald’s campaign advisor by Michael Brodkorb (StarTribune)

A Little More Detail on Samantha and Gianna’s Story by Susan (Red Herring Alert, 11-18-2015)

Tell (With Updates) by Susan (Red Herring Alert, 07-15-2015)


One Response to Breaking: Dede Evavold Protective Parent Supporter was Michelle MacDonald’s Campaign Manager

  1. […] girls were found at White Horse Ranch 160 miles from the Twin Cities in Minnesota! A search of Dede Evavold‘s home in St. Cloud, Minnesota, a supporter of the “protective parent” movement […]

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