Is The Family Court Critic Network the New Children of the Underground?

The code name is “protective parent” and most of the custodial-embattled extremists in the DV community know what it’s about. That’s when a parent almost always a mother will during or after a Family Court Custody dispute take the law into her own hands and kidnap her child. It’s been said, she acts as Judge, Jury and Executioner rather than abide by the court order of the Family Law Judge.

In the ’80s and ’90s this led to Faye Yager’s Children of the Underground and evolved to Protective Parent organizations. After September 11th, the U.S. increased controls over fradulent U.S. Passports and with the growth of the Intenet, it became more difficult for one to change their identity and hide. There was also an increase in awareness of the plight of missing children as well as the harmful impact of International and Domestic Family Abductions on young children. That’s about the time that the network of Family Court Critics started to surface. These groups started to crticizie the Family Courts that were now mandating that parents accept joint custody or co-parenting. This of course upset many those that wanted to roll back the clock to the days of maternal custody or when mothers could allege any allegation to automatically get sole custody and effectivly write the child out of their ex-husband’s life — except for his garnished child support payments. This would be the ulitmate act of anger of revenge over the failed marriage.

In the case of Sandra Rucki and the Famiy Court Critic Network that is allegedly assiting in hiding teenagers Samantha and Gianna Rucki — this group appears to be the new Underground or today’s “protective parent”. As one browses the Facebook and Twitter feeds, you can now see the supporters of this network “celebrate” or applaud the efforts of Sandra Rucki and her teenage daughters. There are some that are encouraging the girls to stay in hiding until they are eighteen. Just like extremists or terrorists, they are openly exercising their right to free speech to support the kidnapping of children.

There should never be any legal excuse for kidnapping a child. And the so called “necessity defense” / “competing harms defense”  or legal excuse that Sandra Rucki exhausted her legal remedies before deciding to deprieve her former spouse of his custody rights is absurd. Sandra Rucki and her attorney Michelle MacDonald had a number of reasonable and legal options.

There are reports that Sandra Rucki saw her son Nico in court during her bail hearing. Despite not seeing Nico for over 2 years, Sandra Rucki did not acknowledge his presence. What kind of parent is that? Despite losing custody rights, Sandra Rucki could have taken her supervised visitation and gone to therarpy to work toward convincing the courts that she could co-parent her children. Instead, she took the civil disobediance option like her protective parent predecessors. She was finally caught at a exclusive resort in Florida with a new boyfriend and is now in jail with a $1Million dollar bail – a place she rightfully deserves to be after all she has done.

But her daughters are still in hiding and the Family Court Critic Protective Parent Network is allegedly supporting them just like any extremist group. You can find these supporters on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. And if you look at their posts, they want to tell their stories how they lost custody of their children. How they were wronged by the Family Court System. They won’t admit that they engaged in parental alienation, would under no circumstances ever co-parent with their former spouse. They will provide their unqualifed support for a jailed mother like Sandra Rucki and her two teenage daughters that are not living their lives as high school teenagers like they should be.

We hope that law enforcement and our judicial system will prosecute some of the third party conspirators  in the Family Court Critic Protective Parent Network that are hiding the Rucki girls. That’s the only way our self-correcting legal system can build a better Family Court and Child Protection System in America.


3 Responses to Is The Family Court Critic Network the New Children of the Underground?

  1. Cammie LaValle says:

    I hope to see your articles in the MN and national media soon. I believe they coukd make a difference and help debunk the false statements and scare tactics being used by Grazzini-rucki supporters in trying to keep these girls in hiding. Safe Kids International is a huge supporter of her and countless others. Telling these girls they will be put in lock down camps and be tortured, risking death, is so outrageous and just causes these girls more emotional distress. I applaud your efforts and hope one day soon the Rucki girls will be found, in addition to all the other children who have endured this same type of abuse by their so called “protective parent” . Using children as pawns in their “cause” shows complete lack of human decency; is selfish and narcissistic to say the least.

    Thank you for your continued articles on thus case. I wish I would see this type of reporting on the news and in the paper…

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