Will Gianna and Samantha Rucki Get Their Mother Out of Jail?

Gianna Rucki, Samantha Rucki, Sandra Rucki

Gianna & Samantha Rucki – Family Abduction Victims

We have been following the “protective parent” movement for several decades. These mothers and their supporters are now coming out publicly whereas in the past, their identity has been very private. You see these supporters now on Facebook, Twitter and other social media posts applauding the civil disobedience committed by mothers like Sandra Rucki — family court litigants that lost joint custody of their children because they showed little or no respect for the Family Court process including the Judge. These so called protective moms were unwilling to agree to co-parenting or joint custody of their children as today’s court’s clearly prefer. They want to write their former spouse out of their child or chldrens’ lives. They do not stop to question if their belief is reasonable or unreasonable but are willing to any extreme including perjury, forgery, fraud, parental alienation and finally kidnapping.

In a small number of cases, we have seen teenagers like Gianna and Samantha Rucki instead of staying neutral in the custody dispute sadly agree to be used as a pawn of the protective parent. For many it’s in their DNA like their protective mom to be the center of attention in the media. They are terribly led to believe that if they go into hiding, then there will be television cameras and TV Talk Shows in their future, maybe made-for-television Movie. Maybe they can bypass High School and College altogether and go straight to Hollywood.

Unfortunately, for these protective parent poster children this has not and will not happen. The last teenager that did this had to pass her high school equivalency exam to get into a State College. Another wants to be a lawyer but has been unable to get into law school. She has been carrying on the work of her mother as an protective parent activist. Perhaps these children may have had very different lives had they stayed neutral in their parent’s divorce. I understand one child of a protective parent did stay neutral and is a Columbia Law School and Harvard Graduate and now practices law in Washington DC.

Finally, for Gianna and Samantha Rucki, the time has come for them to come out of hiding and to resume their lives as young teenagers with dreams, aspirations and goals of high school students. Those pathetic misguided protective parent supporters that selfishly want them to stay in hiding, those inviduals are need to get some therapy. If Sandra Rucki didn’t like the Family Court Ruling, then Sandra Rucki needed to take her case back to court. There is no such thing as a permanent custody ruling. Sandra Rucki is in jail and should stay in jail until her daughters surface. The only question that remains is how many months or years will it take for these Protective Parent Poster Children Samantha and Gianna to end this.


2 Responses to Will Gianna and Samantha Rucki Get Their Mother Out of Jail?

  1. makoons says:

    I don’t think it’s entirely fair to say that two underage girls “agreed” to what their mother was doing. Especially when a psychiatrist had deemed that the girls were put through parental alienation by their mother.

    • underwatch says:

      Hi, you are correct it is not fair to say they agreed. That said, we have followed the cases of similar teenagers that have supported the abducting parent. The children have picked sides and remained loyal for the past 2+ years. Some would say the girls will have “Stockholm syndrome”:

      Def: Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.

      We suspect that Sandra Rucki was frequently calling the girls telling them to keep up the cause and stay in hiding. This was certainly more difficult once Sandra was arrested and incarcerated. But these girls will most likely stay loyal to their mother who will never admit she made a mistake and the man that fathered her numerous children is a “good enough parent” and that she should have co-parented with him. There are only a few protective moms that have later recanted their allegations and have since moved on in co-parenting their adult children. There are a very small but growing number of kidnapped children that have since realized what their kidnapped parent did to them and have now cut-off all contact with them.

      We hope the Rucki girls can be independent thinkers here and find a way to have a relationship with their father and siblings, get the therapy they rightfully deserve so they can move forward with their lives.

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