Will CBS 48 Hours Portray Dorthy Lee Barnett as a Pathetic Kidnapper?

Dorothy Lee Barnett

A Convicted Felon

Editor’s Note: This show aired on 12/06/2015. See the comments

Dorothy Lee Barnett plead guilty and is now a convicted felon for Parental Kidnapping. She kidnapped a very young innocent child and deprived her Yale-educated former spouse of his parenting rights. She has shown no remorse for her crime and has alienated the now adult-child from ever wanting to have a relationship with her biological father. She was spared a 20 year prison term by the Judge and District Attorney in South Carolina. The Family Abduction Community would have wanted to have seen the full 20 year sentence including the U.S. Passport fraud charges.

On Saturday, November 14, 2015 Dorothy Lee Barnett, the former flight attendant that never finished college will tell her pathetic story to CBS 48 Hours. The previous stories covered by CBS almost always tell the story from the mother’s perspective. They rarely interview a social scientist that would tell you that the motive for this crime is “anger and revenge” against the other parent, and not “love and protection” of the child.

In the likes of Jerry Springer, shows like CBS 48 Hours love to have criminally prosecuted and guilty individuals like Dorothy Lee Barnett tell their stories on National Television in the U.S. In some countries like Australia, these guilty inviduals get paid by the TV Shows (Barnett received hundreds of thousands of dollars from an Australian TV Show, that most likely went to her attorneys rather than Savanna). Barnett is more than likely going on the show to try and publicize her way to a future book deal since she will probably never work another day in her life with her Felony conviction.

We also will get to hear a few sound bites from Protective Parent supporter Bruce Michell. This guy is still hunting for the missing documents that prove Barnett’s innocence that of course would have prevented her from pleading guilty. With supporters like Bruce Michell and other supports, their unconditional support for anyone that kidnaps an innocent child is truly mystifying.

What we won’t hear on CBS is that Australia has a law preventing parents in custody disputes from posting photos of missing children. In fact it’s a crime to post a photo of a missing child in a Family Abduction. That’s more than likely one of the reasons Dorothy Lee Barnett was able to hide in Australia. In addition, Australians have not yet established a national missing children’s organization like the U.S. Department of Justice funded National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

We really hope that Dorothy Lee Barnett and Savanna don’t think they are in anyway interesting to TV viewers in the United States like the Kardashians. They are not and will never be. And if CBS does not show Dorothy Lee Barnett as the pathetic kidnapper she is, then what an insult it will be to the thousands of searching parents in not only in the United States but the World. Maybe someday some producer of this show will have a family member or friend impacted by the horrible crime, and only then will they realize how they got the story wrong.

The CBS 48 Hours show was produced by Liza Finley, Ryan Smith, Peter Schweitzer, Senior Producer and Susan Zirinsky, Senior Executive Producer.

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Editor’s Note: In 1997, CBS featured a story on a similar case. The mother plead guilty and the custodial father raised the child. We believe CBS got that story wrong from the beginning and even might have indiretly aided and abetted the mother in this crime. Some of us allege that without CBS and their story, the mom may never had kidnapped the son to Europe.

Dateline also aired the story in August 2015 and interviewed the father. See that video.


18 Responses to Will CBS 48 Hours Portray Dorthy Lee Barnett as a Pathetic Kidnapper?

  1. Mitxh says:

    Who is “we”? Harris Todd is a creep.

    • underwatch says:


      There should never been any legal justification to kidnap a child. Any one who believes this is the only creep related to this story.

      That’s why International Family Abduction is a Felony Crime.

      Dorothy Lee Barnett is now a registered felon. She should ha

      The Editor

  2. Konnie says:

    It is to bad the corrupt judicial system and the father took the child away from the mother to begin with. The judge and the father should have to do jail time for what they tried to do to the child and Dorothy. Harris Todd has no one to blame but himself. He didn’t want the baby to begin with. Dorothy did what she had to to protect her and her child. That is what mothers do…..Shame on you for bad mouthing 48 hours. You have no proof whatsoever and rank right up there with the corrupt judge and the narcissistic Harris Todd.

    • underwatch says:

      Konnie, would joint custody be taking a child away from the mother? Do most protective moms believe that? Would Dorothy Lee Barnett ever been able to co-parent with Harris? Most protective moms in these cases move from one relationship to another just like Dorothy Lee did. She is not the type that would ever have stayed in Charleston to co-parent, in the best interests of her child. Back then, it sounds like all of her family and friends knew that and did nothing to stop her.

      Do you really think a corrupt judge was paid off here? There is no evidence of that whatsoever.

      Most protective moms are narcissistic, test very poorly in custody evaluations and have little respect anyone let alone a Family Court System that is going to decide custody of her child. Yet the only reason the Family Court System is involved is that she decided to bring a child into this world and can’t negotiate a custody plan with the man who fathered her child.

      The shame and ignorance in this case is with the protective mom and her supporters.

    • Also bad corrupt help on her part. Faye Yeager should be in jail too for her part in the Todd kidnapping.

  3. Andrea Lipstein says:

    You are so wrong. She was absolutely right in what she did. That miserable miserly ex-husband only wanted revenge. You said it: he had the money to play the mental illness game and he did. Notice how beautiful the child in Austrailia is and lived without that disgusting biological father. He had the money.

    • underwatch says:

      Andrea, why do you think he wanted revenge and she didn’t? If you claim he also had the money, then don’t you think it is she that wanted revenge. There is research to indicate that the motive for Famiy Abduction or Parental Kidnapping is anger and revenger rather than love for the child.

    • underwatch says:


      She had money too are at least access to it. She remarried and used her new husband’s money. That sounds like the anger and revenge that is the common elment in these cases. These protective moms usually have no problem moving on to the next relationship. She acted as the Judge, Jury and Executioner in depriving this father of his custody rights.

      She has a felony conviction and served prison time. She should have received 20+ years in prison. If that happened to you, your child or your grandchild, you would have wanted a longer punishment.

      The Editor

  4. Carla says:

    As an American, I’m embarrassed to admit that Lee Barnett was shown a a sympathetic, psychologically abused wife who only did what she had to for her daughter. Nevermind the arrogance of her getting pregnant by a man she KNEW did not want kids, admitting to slapping him, tossing over a glass table and throwing a potted plant at him. There was no evidence presented that he was a danger to her or their child. She selfish decision not to co-parent with this man, which would have been a big help since she was a flight attendant.

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Carla, we agree with you! What would have been so bad about coparenting? The father’s mother, the child’s grandmother was also a nurse and the child’s grandfather a doctor. That sounds like a very good Southern family.

  5. Been There says:

    You are so…so…SO wrong. The courts were wrong. The mother was right, 100%. You hide behind the a ruling by a male judge who has no clue, using mid-century, misogynistic values to impose his own agenda. Lee should have have been granted full physical custody and Todd should have had visitation only… This was a miscarriage of justice which was corrected by a loving mother. I say “Hooray!!” for Lee and her ability to hide for such a long time. I myself would have kept hiding.

    You’re such a fool for falling for this stupid story line.

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Been There,

      There was a Family Court Hearing. There was a custody evaluation licensed professional.

      You want to roll the clock back to the ’50s and ’60s where maternal custody or the tender years doctorine applied. Today’s Family Courts prefer coparenting or joint custody.

      You should ask some young adults today if they would prefer maternal custody over joint custody.

      And if you do believe in the “tender years doctorine” or if children are very young, then at what age do you believe a male is fit to care for a young child? And what if the male is a stay at home caretaker. Does that mean that that the male or father should get sole custody and the mother visitation only?

      And in this case, what if the mother was irresponsible and was drinking while she was pregnant (like Lee Barnett did)?

      And what if a mother is arrested for domestic violence? Should she then have all future visitation supervised?

      And what if the father alleges domestic violence, is that good enough for the mother to have all future visitation supervised?

      The bottom line is that that when parents bring a child into this World, they are responsible for that child. If they can’t mutually decide, then we need a system for sorting it out.

      For right now, that’s the Family Law Court System!

      • Been There says:

        Hi Been There,

        You are so naive. You’re prejudices show so blatantly. Thinking that pitting someone who is “Yale-educated” vs. someone who “never finished college” adds value to you incredibly stupid opinion. Yale only portraits rich white men who fornicate with their children’s nannies. Obviously that’s something you like.

        In the U.S. News College Rankings, Yale University in New Haven, CT is ranked Number 3 of all colleges in the United States. That means something to most parents and their children wanting to get a good education.

        Using words like “pathetic kidnapper” to describe a mother saving her child from an unjust court system is, in itself, “PATHETIC”.

        There is no evidence that this mother was saving her child. Please remember she plead guility.

        Get off your high horse. There was no “horrible crime” committed here. Move on and drop this case.

        Most of these protective moms like Dorothy Lee Barnett are so narcisisstic that they think they are getting a movie or a book deal about their life. This is unlikely since these stories have other been done and there wasn’t much interest by the genearal public. Now if the adult child wakes up one day and realizes who the abuser or real perpetrator (her mother), that would be the type of story Hollywood would be interested in.

        The court was completely wrong here. Savanna grew up into a happy and normal person. Which wouldn’t have happened had Benny Todd received custody.

        I actually disagree. I think she would have had so many more opportunities available to her had Dorothy agreed to coparent her child. She would have also grown up with her cousins, even Cliff’s kids.

        There are hundreds of children who are actually being kidnapped everyday in this world… you should focus on them and not the ones protected by their loving mother.Dorothy Lee Barnett shouldn’t have served a day in jail, but you must be happy now.

        How different Savanna’s life would have been had she been recovered earlier.

        That’s real pathetic part of this story.

        The Editor

        Good job!!

    • You’re a fool for believing her story. She didn’t lose custody of her daughter because of mental illness but because she was a danger to herself and her child.

  6. You people are pigs for supporting a mother who everyone knows kidnapped her child!

  7. Roy Thomas says:

    How wonderful the world would be if the United States would forget abòut theìr obsession in controlling the World Order, Australia was a grèat country but likd the USA grèed is taking òver. This woman had every right to her child, you people think money can buy yóu anything like the Lawyer husband thinks. Get a life

    • Lorraine says:

      Ol’bud pleaded guilty, Roy. Codswallop that this woman had no other choice but to bolt kidnapping the child from the marriage. The Court, at the time, said ol’bud had access rights only. What was wrong with her working within the law to regain custody of her daughter, as everyone else has to do?

      Roy, Australia is now greater country minus ol’bud, the illegal and wanted person who thought she could take the law into her own hands any time it suited her.

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