Former Arizona State University Instructor Arrested in 1990 Parental Kidnapping

Valerie Berry, Parental Kidnapper Arrested

Valerie Berry, Parental Kidnapper

A former Arizona State University instructor was arrested on July 28, 2015 on suspicion of abducting her daughter and changing both their identities 25 years ago, officials said.

According to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, Valerie Berry, 56, disappeared from the California county with her daughter in the midst of a divorce, violating court-ordered visitation rights of the child’s father.

Police arrested Berry without incident Tuesday morning after she left her home, possibly on her way to work, said Mia Garcia, spokeswoman for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

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Editor’s Note: On behalf of the Family Abduction Community, we are very happy that this father has finally found his daughter. The last 25 years must have been very difficult for him and we are certain he and his family kept the hope alive that they may someday they may be reunified with her. We hope that the now adult-child had the courage and the independent thinking to reunify with her her father. For parentally kidnapped children, we are certain that it is difficult NOT to remain loyal to their kidnapper. Nevertheless, the kidnappers had many other legal alternatives and a fast reunion with her searching family would certainly enhance the odds that the court system would go easy on the kidnapper.

Finally, I would encourage this adult child to seek the services of a therapist that can assist with this reunification.

Valerie Berry faces 3 years in Prison for this horrible crime against an innocent child. She has so many other legal alternatives before she made her choice.

Here is the Family’s Facebook Page 


Former ASU instructor arrested in daughter’s 1990 abduction AZCentral (07-28-2015)

Retired Arizona professor charged with abducting daughter 25 years ago (07-29-2015)


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