Dara Llorens Trial to Start in September

Dara Llorens has rejected a plea deal and the case is scheduled to go to trial on September 8, 2015 in Travis County in Austin, Texas. Dara Marie Llorens is charged with Interference with Child Custody and Aggravated Kidnapping. She faces up to 99 years in prison.


7 Responses to Dara Llorens Trial to Start in September

  1. Franco says:

    According to reports, the reason why this woman rejected a plea deal was because the plea deal would have restricted her access to her daughter – which she was unwilling to accept. However, I now believe that she may stand to lose more by going ahead with the trial, unlike two other high-profile cases recently which were both settled by guilty pleas (and relatively short prison sentences to boot).

    In this particular case, I think that it was very fortunate that this kidnapper was detected before her daughter reached legal age, as the daughter has now begun to accept that much of her life had been based on lies, which would imply that she probably has a greater willingness to accept her biological father than the daughters in several other recent cases discussed on this website. I can only imagine how different things might have been had this mother-daughter pair gone undetected for another eight months or longer…

    • underwatch says:

      There is an Aggravated Kidnapping Charge in this case. I don’t personally think the child’s age is we saw in the Ariel Castro case in Cleveland. That said, after a parental kidnapping if the adult child is not removed from their kidnappers control, that makes reunification more challenging.

  2. In this case the mother should be stripped of all of her parental rights to her child and she should allow her step mother to adopt her.
    For a mother who kidnapped her child and molded her to hate her father and didn’t put her in esceula, school, when like she should having contact with her would serve nothing to Sabrina but to be detrimental to her.

  3. Kate says:

    Any new information, did Dara Llorens go to trial?

  4. Kate says:

    Is there any new information regarding this case? Did Dara Llorens stand trial?

  5. she was sentenced to 6 years 1 1/2 as time already served eligible for parole in so 6 months from now

  6. Somehow I don’t think right reasons had anything to do with this case. I think selfish reasons is the right way to describe the crime commited against this child and her father.

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