Breaking: Kelly Rutherford on ABC Good Morning America

Kidnapping is where no one knows where the children are– Kelly Rutherford

“Kelly Rutherford, that’s not true. Parental Kidnapping is “the intent to obstruct the lawful exercise of parental rights”. When you did not return the children per your custody agreement and agreement for the child’s father, you became a parental kidnapper”. – The Editor, Family Abduction Watch

The fact that your former spouse knew where the children was irrelevant. There are many parentally kidnapped children in the World today where the parents know exactly where the children are. You attempted to obstruct parental rights of your former spouse from the moment you violated the custody order on Thursday.You tried to get the U.S. Manhattan Family Court to hold them in the United States so that you can enroll them in school in New York City. That did not work because the Judge acted swiftly and decisively. When the judge did not give you what you wanted, you disparaged the court and the judge. You are an actress and this interview you and your attorney Wendy Murphy did is damage control. We think your children rightfully deserve privacy.

If you want to change the custody agreement, you can’t hold the children hostage until you get a new agreement. You must use the Family Court System to do that.

Your current custody is governed by the 2013 Custody Order and a long trial that took place. Since there is no International Custody Court, then the courts are telling you that the Monaco Court is the current venue for your case. For those of us that have been in high-conflict divorces and custody disputes, it is apparent that the court favored the father over you for residential custody. Your behavior during the court proceedings and your parenting skills were questioned in the final decision. That is unfortunate.

We think it is now time for you to acknowledge those actions for your children that have dual-citizenship (European/American). We would like to see you steer your efforts toward coparenting and International Custody Agreements.


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