Judge Ellen Gesmer to Hear Kelly Rutherford Case Today

The New York Daily News is reporting that Judge Ellen Gesner of the Manhattan Supreme Court granted Daniel Giersch’s writ of habeaus corpus or notice to appear that ordered Kelly Rutherford and her kids to court today. There are no reports that Kelly Rutherford received service or notice, but at approximately 6 p.m. Eastern Time, she re-tweeted one of Dan Abrams (@danabrams) posts on her Twitter Account (@kellyrutherford). That must mean she was online after the 3 p.m. service deadline and most likely received her Facebook message or email notification about today’s court hearing.

Judge Ellen Gesner

Judge Ellen Gesmer

Judge Ellen Gesmer is a Harvard B.A. / Yale J.D. Grad (bio). The Manhattan Supreme Court Judge has presided over some recent high-profile, high-conflict Family Law cases including: Rupert and Wendi Murdoch and Bethenny Frankel.

Editor’s Note: Family Abduction or International Family Abduction is a serious crime. We hope Justice Gesmer does the right thing and puts the young Rutherford children on a plane to Monaco. I would imagine that Giersch will have a plane waiting. It would be great to see Rutherford & Giersch finalize an International Custody Agreement between the NYC and Monaco Courts with both having jurisdiction. That would be ground breaking and for the best interests of these dual-citizenship children.

As a member of the Family Abduction Community of Searching and Recovering Parents, I am horrified at the number of members of the media, lawyers, legal analysts and parents that don’t realize that Kelly Rutherford has committed a Family Abduction Crime by violating the court order and withholding the children. Alleged or not, it is a crime against these innocent children that love both parents. These children shouldn’t be used as pawns.

Kelly Rutherford could face arrest if she doesn’t bring kids to emergency court hearing requested by ex-husband: sources (New York Daily News, 08-10-15)


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