Breaking: Kelly Rutherford Arrives to Court – Without Kids

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford Arriving To Court Without Kids

With Daniel Giersch’s mother, their grandmother waiting in the courtroom to bring her grandchildren back to Monaco so they can start school, TMZ is reporting that Kelly Rutherford arrived at the New York Courthouse without the children.


2 Responses to Breaking: Kelly Rutherford Arrives to Court – Without Kids

  1. Tab says:

    Kelly Rutherford is the latest celebrity victim propped up by the Battered Mother’s Custody Conference (BMCC), now becoming a poster child for a troubled movement whose leaders have been exposed to be lying about their own stories of abuse, exploiting victims of family court for profit, true abusers themselves and worse (many of the people in the “Leaders” section are association with the BMCC). Disgraced former attorney Barry Goldstein (who has a strange affection for goats) is now rallying to Kelly’s support to gain attention to his latest victim exploitation scheme – The Quincy Solution.

    Reading the court documents gives you another side of the story, and one that seems to be suppressed:

    In the 10/24/2013 Statement of Decisions some interesting facts emerge:

    1) The Court found that BOTH parents are healthy, attached and have much to offer these children. The Court found that joint legal and joint custody would be in the best interest of the children, and made incredible accommodations to find a creative, child focused parenting time plan. Kelly’s work schedule was a big consideration in the planning.
    2) The only reason this became an international custody battle is because Kelly (via her attorney) made calls to the State Dept and to Immigration in an attempt to have Daniel deported. During one call, the State Dept was told that Daniel would kidnap the children, and should be arrested.
    3) Kelly presented to Daniel a legal stipulation where he would agree that he would have no contact with the children, and said if he signed it, all of his legal problems would go away. This is extortion. Daniel refused.
    4) Since Daniel lost his Visa, he cannot enter the US. Which means shared custody in the US is not possible. The Court ordered the children live in France — and other considerations indicated this is a well-thought out agreement, which considered all of the needs of the children. The agreement even says that Daniel will provide Kelly with airplane tickets, housing and a car to visit her children. It includes extended visitation with the children in the US. And offers a stable, consistent living environment for the children. The children will also be taught English in school so they can maintain communication with mom.
    5) There were also a number of red flags about Kelly’s behavior: She refused to put Daniel as the father on Helena’s birth certificate, Kelly will not allow the children to have a photo of their father in her home, Kelly is found to engage in “maternal gate keeping” and be “over nurturing”. There was no abuse found to have occurred in this case..

    There is much more to this story than popular media is reporting. Thank you for raising awareness… I know there is much more to this story

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Tab,

      Thank you for your post.

      I think Kelly and her attorney Wendy Murphy’s involvement with the BMCC or the protective parent cause was the initial red flag that she would not return her kids to Monaco and use the media to bring attention to her case. If you listen to the speeches at the BMCC, it’s exactly what these “activists” recommend.

      I also read the 2013 Statement of Decisions and what I found alarming are the red flags that the judge included in the order, some which you listed in 5) above. I had never heard the terms “maternal gate keeping” or “over nurturing” but in my opinion those items are why most protective moms will not stop the custody fight and coparent their children. They refuse to acknowledge that the other parent and his extended family can provide an equal caring and nurturing environment for the children.

      I would like to see Kelly Rutherford de-escalate the conflict in her case. She should keep her children out of the media and make the most of every moment of custody time with her children.

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