Will U.S. Law Enforcement Take Decisive Action Again Parental Kidnapper Kelly Rutherford?

On Thursday, August 6, 2015, Kelly Rutherford should have put her children on plane at JFK bound for Monaco. Her children are scheduled to start school later this month. Instead, Kelly Rutherford became one of the estimated 203,000 Parental Kidnappers in the the United States each year. Convicted offenders of this crime can face up to three years of imprisonment.

Parental Kidnapping is a Crime

Parental Kidnapping is a Crime

Since 2012, the habitual residence of the Rutherford children has been in Monaco with their biological father per a California Family Law Court Order. Child victims of international parental kidnapping are often taken from a familiar environment and suddenly isolated from their community, family, and friends. They may miss months or even years of schooling. The child may be moved to multiple locations in order to stay hidden or out of reach of the parent remaining in the United States.

In these type of situations, there have been situations where U.S. Law Enforcement has taken decisive action. In September 2014, a mother Wenjing Liu attempted to board a plane at Dulles Airport for China with her children in violation of a custody agreement. Her former spouse notified local authorities who then contacted the FBI about the alleged kidnapping. The direct United Airlines flight from Dulles to Beinjing turned around mid-flight at the request of FBI agents, who then arrested the mother. She was later charged with knowingly and unlawfully attempting to remove her son from the United States with intent to obstruct the lawful exercise of parental rights. The boy has dual citizenship similar to the Rutherford children.

Then there is the International Custody Case of Elian Gonzalez. Ater Elian’s mother died in leaving Cuba, his relatives in the United States tried to keep him locked up in their home in the United States rather than return him to Cuba to live with his custodial biological father. This situation was highly publicized like the Rutherford situation. The Gonzalez family in the United States also got local politicians and the U.S. Courts involved to stall the return of Elian to Cuba. However, after 5 very long months, Attorney General Janet Reno ordered the return of Elian to his father which led to infamous photo.

Elian Gonzalez

Photo by Wikipedia

Editor’s Note: I don’t personally know what Kelly Rutherford and her attorney Wendy Murphy are thinking. They have been using her children as pawns as most parental kidnappers do. What kind of parent would knowingly and willfully hold their chid hostage in a New York City Apartment? Do you think Rutherford is allowing the children to talk to their father on the Phone or on Skype during the last several days? What is Rutherford telling the children? What about the children’s friends in Monaco? Is Rutherford allowing them to communicate this them? What about their grandmother in France?

In America, celebrities should be held to a higher standard than the rest of our society. They are role models for our children. I urge U.S. Law Enforcement to take decisive action. They should be on the phone right now with Rutherford’s attorney Wendy Murphy telling them that they will enforce the father’s custody agreement. The last thing these children need is another Elian Gonzalez like photo.

I am truly disappointed in Kelly Rutherford and her attorney Wendy Murphy. They are not thinking in the best interests of these children. All they are doing is proving to the World that that California Judge gave residential custody to the right parent.


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