Will Kelly Rutherford Show Up with the Kids in Court Tomorrow?

Kelly Rutherford and Tony Brand were last seen driving to an undisclosed location. She gave an interview to ABC News on Monday, August 10th. Her last post to her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts were on Friday, August 8th.

On Thursday, August 6, 2015, source are reporting that a private plane was waiting to pickup Kelly’s children for a flight to Nice. Rutherford and her children were a no show. At this point, we don’t even know if Rutherford contacted her former spouse.

Most parental kidnappers like Kelly Rutherford are narcissistic, histrionic and impulsive. You simply do not know what they will do next. Rutherford claims about her children: “Their safety is my priority”. Yet she has now allegedly kidnapped them for over 4 days.

There are sources that are now reporting that Rutherford is providing a reason for kidnapping them, “that her children had told her some alarming things about their time in Monaco”. Wow, it now sounds like she has moved from a false weapons and drug dealer allegation against her former spouse to new allegations.

We have no idea if Kelly Rutherford will be showing up in court on Tuesday. For the sake of her kidnapped children, we hope she does.


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