Kelly Rutherford and boyfriend Tony Brand are now Alleged Parental Kidnappers

kelly rutherford, tony brand

TMZ: Kelly Rutherford & Tony Brand

Kelly Rutherford and her boyfriend Tony Brand are now alleged kidnappers.

Sources believe that her former spouse’s attorney, Fahi Takesh Hallin will go the Los Angeles Superior court today to ask the judge to find Rutherford in violation of their court order. Rutherford’s attorney will argue that the court doesn’t have jurisdiction, but Robert Franklin, Esq., a lawyer for the National Parents Organization comments:

“The simple fact is that there is an order in place detailing when the children are to be with her and when with Giersch. Every court retains jurisdiction to enforce its own orders. Rutherford is in violation of the existing order. The fact that the U.S. courts refuse to rule on future allegations, deferring to the courts of Monaco, doesn’t mean they can’t and won’t enforce their own existing orders.”

With the contempt of court order, there are a number of scenarios that would involve different law enforcement organizations. In most International Family Abduction Cases, a task force is formed with representatives of different law enforcement and judicial organizations. This could include the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, New York Police Department, FBI, State, U.S. Marshall’s Office and the State Department.

Many parental kidnappers or alleged parental kidnappers try and leverage the different legal and judicial venues to gain more custody time with their children. Unfortunately, these cases that involve one parent’s case consume a huge number of these resources.

Editor’s Note: As we have stated previously, we would like to see law enforcement act swiftly and decisively in getting the Rutherford children back to their custodial father in Monaco.


Kelly Rutherford Keeps The Kids (by Robert Franklin, Esq., National Parents Organization 08-09-2015)

Kelly Rutherford, I Won’t Send My Kids Back to Monaco (TMZ, 08-08-2015)


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