Dan Abrams ABC Legal Correspondent Wants State Dept not Los Angeles Court to Act

Dan Abrams,Kelly Rutherford Friend

Dan Abrams – Kelly Rutherford’s Friend

Kelly Rutherford’s friend and ABC Legal Analyst wants the State Department, not the Los Angeles Courts to get involved in Kelly Rutherford’s recent alleged parental kidnapping of her children. For those of us in the Family Abduction Community, we know why Dan Abrams is saying that. The U.S. State Department has a history of taking a very long time in these cases.

If the Los Angeles Judge steps in and issues a contempt of court violation like he should, especially after speaking with the Monaco Judge, then law enforcement should be able to quickly move in and enforce the custody order. The meeting or conference call with the California and Monaco Judges was forward thinking and progressive as both work to enforce the International Custody Order in the best interests of the children. It would be a step in the wrong direction to defer this matter to the U.S. Department of State.

Rutherford and her attorney are trying to take the position that no court in the United States wants to claim jurisdiction or venue over the case. That is not true according to Robert Franklin, Esq. who says, “the simple fact is that there is an order in place detailing when the children are to be with her and when with Giersch. Every court retains jurisdiction to enforce its own orders. Rutherford is in violation of the existing order. The fact that the U.S. courts refuse to rule on future allegations, deferring to the courts of Monaco, doesn’t mean they can’t and won’t enforce their own existing orders.”

Again, we believe celebrities like Kelly Rutherford should be held to a higher standard. We would like to see our judicial and law enforcement system act swiftly and decisively to return the Rutherford children to Monaco.

As we have always state, Kelly Rutherford can than work toward an International Child Custody Agreement. Kelly should have taken this opportunity to be a spokesperson for co-parenting and International Joint Custody rather than for International Family Abduction.

Those of us that have followed this case have read the current Custody Order and know why Kelly Rutherford lost residential custody of her children, some facts that Dan Abrams and most of the Media like People Magazine elect to intentionally ignore.

While we acknowledge Mr. Abrams that you are supporting your friend, we want to remind you that you should independently report the news.


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