Breaking: Sources Reporting That Kelly Rutherford Ordered To Court

Kelly Rutherford, Daniel Giersch

Kelly Rutherford Is Ordered to Court

TMZ and the New York Daily News are reporting that Kelly Rutherford has been ordered by a New York Judge to bring her kids to a New York Court. It appears that her former spouse’s attorneys have gotten a judge to hold a hearing tomorrow in a New York City Courtroom. The Monaco business man filed a writ of habeas corpus in Manhattan Supreme Court. In this age of technology, the judge has also ordered that Kelly Rutherford can be served by email or secured message on Facebook. This would prevent Kelly Rutherford from claiming at tomorrow’s hearing that she didn’t get notice of it.

Sources are also reporting that Kelly Rutherford and her boyfriend, a manager at Gucci, were driving a car on Sunday, August 9th to an unknown location.

Editor’s Note: Wow, now this is swift and decisive action by our judicial system in this Parental Kidnapping or International Family Abduction Case. Yes, you can say “alleged” but the moment Kelly Rutherford did not put her kids on the plane last Thursday, it became an International Family Abduction. In further evaluating this as a parental kidnapping, Rutherford’s actions since then will have to be examined. Has she notified law enforcement of her location with the children? Is she allowing the children phone or Skype access to their father? Did Rutherford exhaust her legal remedies before the kidnapping? If Anthony or Tony Brand has any involvement, he too could be criminally prosecuted. There is also civil exposure with third party conspirators.

Daniel Giersch is represented by Fahi Takesh Hallin, one of America’s top International Custody Attorneys. She is a partner for Harris Ginsberg in Los Angeles. She has been practicing family law for 20 years. She has been name by Los Angeles Magazine as one the top Women Attorneys in Southern California. She handles Hague international child abduction cases and is on the list of the U.S. State Department for attorney referrals in such matters. See her bio.

Fahi Takesh Hallin

Ms. Fahi Takesh Hallin, Daniel Giersh’s Attorney

Ms. Takesh Hallin will no doubt be present in the New York City Courtroom tomorrow.

Kelly Rutherford is represented by Television Legal Analyst and Attorney Wendy Murphy.


Kelly Rutherford Ordered to Court with Kids (TMZ, 08-10-2015)

Kelly Rutherford’s ex-husband asks New York judge to return his ‘kidnapped’ kids (New York Daily News, 08-10-15)


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