Holy Moly did Protective Parent Kelly Rutherford Kidnap Her Children?

Kelly Rutherford , Protective Parent, Parental Kidnapper

Kelly Rutherford – A Parental Kidnapper

When Kelly Rutherford first attended a Protective Parent Conference in New Jersey with her controversial attorney Wendy Murphy, there were many of us in the International Family Abduction Community that monitors these cases that predicted that Kelly Rutherford would do this. It has been now over 24 hours since Kelly Rutherford violated her Custody Agreement with her former spouse. She is now a parental kidnapper.

For Daniel Giersch and his highly regarded International Custody Attorney Fahi Takesh Hallin of a law firm in Los Angeles, California, I would imagine that their next step is to go to the Los Aneles Court to get a court order to get Rutherford to turn over the children. This might also fast track the involvement of the FBI for a UFAP Warrant for Kelly Rutherford to find the children, if Rutherford left New York City. This could also be the return of an Elian Gonzalez case where U.S. Marshalls are involved in the recovery of the children.

For Kelly Rutherford and her attorney Wendy Murphy, the question is will they play hide the children? It is doubtful that Giersh will engage in what’s called a “snatch back” as we saw in high-profile case of a U.S. Case in Switzerland. But what kind of life would it be for Rutherford’s children in her New York City Residence? And then there is always the Elizabeth Morgan copycat crime where she sends the children into hiding and she goes to jail.

Okay, Kelly and Wendy, summer vacation is over. Send the children back to Monaco and Kelly can now have a lifetime of supervised visitation until her children are eighteen. You can never be trusted again.

I really urged Kelly Rutherford to take the high road and turn her situation into one promoting International Custody. Had she done that, her little girl and son would be on the flight to NYC as often as possible. Unfortunately, it’s probably too late.

The Editor


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