Kelly Rutherford’s Husband’s Lawyer – Her Statements are “Unfortunate” and “False”

Kelly Rutherford is trying to associate herself with the Sean and David Goldman Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act that went into effect in August 2014. While I admire Kelly’s support of this cause, her claim on Capitol Hill that her kids are living in exile is ludicrous. Here kids are living in Monaco and attending one of the most exclusive private schools in the World because a California Court deemed that it was in the “best interests of her children”.

In International Child Custody disputes, it should not be an all-or-nothing proposition. As the children get older, the parenting arrangement can and should move toward more custody time with the non-residential parent. But Rutherford wants sole custody of her children now and wants to kidnap them from their habitual residence. After calling her former spouse a weapons and drug dealer, she is no longer using that strategy. She is using the “exile” card and trying to lobby the support of the U.S. Congress yet she has not openly admitted to wrongfully engaging in parental alienation or any Family Court misconduct.

I have to ask myself, how is Kelly Rutherford engaging in co-parenting when she is spending the summer with her children and claiming her children are living in exile. Both her 8 year old and 6 year old are old enough to read, how can that be good for any children?

In my opinion, it’s up to Kelly Rutherford to regain her level of trust and her ability to co-parent with all the judges involved in this case. By doing so, maybe the judge will increase her custody time with the children. In less than a month, those children are scheduled to start school in Monaco. I acknowledge that it’s going to be difficult for Kelly to get her kids on that plane back to Monaco. But a really good co-parent would be doing everything possible to make it easier for those kids. If one were to video tape that scene and compare it to the child’s departure in Monaco — I believe it would be clear why the children are living in Monaco today.

Editor’s Note: I would really like to see Kelly Rutherford move her focus to an International Custody Court to promote International Co-Parenting of children. I’ve heard of custody agreements where children spend six months in each country. Inasmuch as that’s probably not in the “best interests of the children”, telling the world and your children that they are living in exile with their father isn’t either. There are many celebrities that can and do settle their differences without involving People Weekly Magazine and Capitol Hill. It’s also not good in any country to publicly criticize a judge as well as the U.S. Justice System like Rutherford has during her six year custody dispute.

“I can only see this as a legal kidnapping by a California judge forcing my children to live abroad for so long that the other countries seize control over their lives. I just ask each of you here today how it is possible that two American citizens have been ordered by their own government to live in exile in a foreign country?” — Kelly Rutherford

Again, it’s time for Kelly Rutherford to step up and start focusing on International Co-Parenting and International Joint Custody! As her former spouse’s lawyer says: her statements are “unfortunate” and “false”. I agree with her lawyer. Both she and her former spouse have much to offer these children. It’s time she keeps her eye on the primary goal here.


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