Kelly Rutherford Shouldn’t Be Exploiting Her Children in the Media

Kelly Rutherford is turning her summer custody time with her children into a reality Internet event. This is not in the spirit of co-parenting. You can see the children bike riding in New York’s Central Park and in the streets of the Big Apple. But even children of celebrities rightfully deserve their privacy. Meanwhile, she appears on the View where children are able to see her disparage the custody arrangement.

She is also playing the America card, saying that the children are being deprived as Americans. But they are also half German/European. Their habitual residence has been in Europe for the past four years. They attend one of the best schools in Europe and it appears that the father has taken great care of them.

It seems like this is an all or nothing deal with Kelly Rutherford as a proclaimed protective parent. Four years ago, she engaged in behavior in the Family Court that put her in this situation. At no time in the past several years, has she acknowledged that deviant behavior. She has gone to Federal Court, Washington DC and the Media.

We would hope she enjoys her summer with her children and makes peace with her former spouse. In our eyes, the California Judge in this case made the right decision by awarding her former spouse residential custody of the children. For any judge to change that now because of her celebrity status would be morally wrong.


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