Kelly Rutherford Lost Custody in California Court – Will Washington Capitol Hill Influence Case?

Kelly Rutherford was able to get a meeting on Capitol Hill in a panel discussion convened by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tex). In attendance were Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) and Ted Lieu (D-Calif).

If Kelly Rutherford’s goal were to promote International Custody Agreements, that would be a good thing. Instead, what appears to be the issue that Rutherford warning American Women on the risks of marrying a Foreign National.

Rutherford jokingly suggested that by sharing her harrowing tale, she might prevent the pattern from repeating. “I see a lot of young women here today who will probably never marry a foreigner after hearing these stories,” she laughed. “They’re cute. The accents are amazing — but they’re expensive accents.”

I also see Kelly Rutherford blaming someone else for her situation rather than accepting ownership of her actions that put her in this situation. Her children have been in a private school with their habitual residence in Monaco for the past several years. She has also been accused of parental alienation court documents and by the Family Law Judge in the case.

We have seen local politicians get involved in parental kidnapping cases in the past. I recollect Chris Smith (R-N.J.) assisted the recovery of a child in an International Kidnapping Case. However, I personally believe that the Monaco Court Judge and the California Judge despite Kelly Rutherford’s intentions can ensure a International Custody Agreement is created and adhered to by all parties in this case. Kelly Rutherford is a celebrity and she should be held to a higher standard. She should not be able to use her status as a celebrity to obtain residential custody of her children. As the children get older, their needs will change and because of her recent move to New York City, those children should be able to experience both sides of the pond. I don’t see a reason that these judges will change the children’s habitual residence.

At some time in her children’s lives, she must stop her custody dispute and move along. She would be a far better cause celeb for promoting International Co-parenting Custody Agreements.


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