Breaking: Kidnappers Genevieve and Scott Kelley are Guilty

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Genevieve Kelley

Scott David Kelley

Scott David Kelley

So in the end, Genevieve and Scott Kelley more or less admitted in court today by their guilty plea that they made up the allegations against the 8 year old child’s biological father. The Kelleys had not only kidnapping the girl, witness tampering but not properly taking care of the child. If they had any reasonable justification for committing their, they would have never pleaded guilty. The Kelleys  kidnapped a child for ten years and have now plead guilty for their horrific crimes against an innocent child. They deprived the child’s biological father, his family and numerous step siblings of a relationship with the child. In addition, as part of the plea agreement Genevieve Kelley agreed to not interfere or impede with the child having contact with her paternal family. Genevieve Kelley was guilty of two counts of Interference with Custody and sentenced to 2 years in jail (14 months is suspended upon good behavior for 5 years). She will be incarcerated beginning September 7, 2015.

For Scott Kelley, he was sentenced to 12 months in jail (7 months suspended). He will be incarcerated starting June 22, 2015. Scott Kelley was ordered to make restitution of $2,288.98. He too agreed to not to interfere or impede from the child having contact with her paternal family.

It’s not surprising to hear that the narcissist Genevieve Kelley plead guilty, because she was guilty. She did a horrible thing by kidnapping her child from her biological father and as a doctor should have known better. Scott Kelley also knew what he was doing but it sounds like he too wanted the vacation to Central America with the biological child’s father as a form of revenge for the ongoing custody dispute. Genevieve Kelley should have taken her child to Maine to the Spurwink Clinic and complied with the court order. She should not have tarnished the reputation of this Clinic and gone ten years on the lam from her strenuous small town practice of medicine to the gorgeous beaches of Central America. She should never practice medicine again in this or any other country and should certainly as a kidnapper both of them should never be around children.

It is apparent that the media, especially the controversial People Magazine Reporter Elaine Aradillas got played in this case. She took the spood-fed information from protective parent attorney Alan Rosenfeld thinking the Kelleys had legal justification for their crime. Instead, it was all a publicity event and a protest against New Hampshire Family Law Court System.

Genevieve Kelley has also been ordered to undergo psychological evaluation. I wonder if that evaluation would diagnose her with munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, that is frequently associated with those that kidnap their child. Or will the evaluation determine that she will not and never will adhere to the terms of her probation and sentencing.

I would really like to see the adult child in this case contact her biological father and step mother to begin the reunification process with her father. If Genevieve and Scott Kelley didn’t admit they made up the allegations and implanted those alleged disclosures in a child with special needs, then they would have never agreed to the plea.

It is also time for the Coos County Citizens, the Kelley Family, the Friends of Genevieve Kelley to be responsible for ensuring that the adult-child is reunified with her biological father and his family. What the Kelleys did to this child is horrible and inexcusable. What they did to the child’s biological father is horrific by attacking his good reputation. These individuals must show some compassion and be held accountable for their support of the Kelleys.

I would also like to see some of the members of the media take responsibility for their part in reporting on a story like this. It was irresponsible journalism for Elaine Aradillas to interview this special needs adult-child and Aradillas should be fired by People Magazine. Even in Elaine Aradillas recent interview spoon-fed story, she omits the part of the plea agreement that the Kelleys not impede with the biological father’s relationship with the adult-child. Did she even read the plea agreement on the State of New Hampshire Court Site or just print what Alan Rosenfeld told her?

Genevieve Kelley, Scott Kelley and Alan Rosenfeld, clearly manipulated the media and eventually plead guilty to this crime. In my opinion, they wasted the court’s time and resources. This was more of a public protest and publicity event than a legal defense.

Finally, I’m not convinced anyone in Hollywood or a Book Publisher would ever be interested in a story like this where the defendants plead guilty. It’s really the case of two parents kidnapping a child and abusing a special needs child. NO child deserves to be kidnapped for ten years. And any parent that does this to a special needs child is no protective parent. Scott and Genevieve Kelley really deserved a day in a Federal Prison for every day they kidnapped this child.

3 Responses to Breaking: Kidnappers Genevieve and Scott Kelley are Guilty

  1. Genevieve and Scott Kelley were actually taking good care of the child, in fact, I had seen her during that time and she seemed to be completely fine. Scott Kelly, who I had the pleasure to meet, is a great man. They “Kidnapped” Mary Nunes just because she was being sexually abused by her biological father, Mark Nunes, who was actually never charged for his acts.

    • underwatch says:

      @Survivingdotlife What an incredibly ignorant, insensitive and libel statement to make. Parental Kidnapping by a doctor with economic means and available resources is a form of child abuse and a severe form of child maltreatment. Why would living in a third world country Honduras/Costa Rica be better for a child with special needs. They even separated the young child from her horse. Shame on the Genevieve and Scott. Both should never be allowed to be around young children again. If your grandchild married the Kelley boy years from now and went through a custody dispute — wouldn’t you be concerned that your grandchild’s kid might be kidnapped to Honduras? Shame on the Kelleys for never reunifying the now adult child with her biological father. You are so ignorant.

    • underwatch says:

      @Survivingdotlife – Genevieve and Scott were never charged with United States Passport fraud. They should have been convicted of this crime. The small-town District Attorney didn’t have the resources to get a better verdict. It’s too bad the child was not recovered earlier, the child would have been rightfully reunified with her custodial parents.

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