Are the Kelleys and Her Legal Team Still Engaging in Witness Tampering?

In my humble opinion, Genevieve and Scott Kelly and their attorneys are still engaging in witness tampering. They appear to want to control her testimony unlike the twenty-something child of the Dorothy Lee Barnett Parenting Kidnapping Case who has since met with her biological father. The Kelleys have had 10 years to brainwash this child and to date, the only first hand information we have about her is:

  • A short conversation she had with U.S. Marshals at the Georgia Airport when her stepfather was taken into custody.
  • A letter she allegedly wrote and read on a People Magazine Video.
  • A photograph she took with Protective Parent Attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld in Costa Rica.
  • A photograph she took with her dog in People Magazine.

There has been no independent psychiatrist that has evaluated this now 19 year old adult child. She was a victim in a horrific 10 year kidnapping, and her kidnapper and their supporters continue to keep her from any contact and an independent therapist. So far, Genevieve and Scott Kelley have produced two sources that claim to support her diagnosis of her daughter: a Johanna Alpizar Cespedes of Costa Rica and the infamous Dr. Ron B. Minson. And despite Ms. Cespedes claim that the child had a fear of being photographed, this adult-child and victim appeared in numerous photographs in People Magazine. As a parent, I don’t get it. Your child has a fear of being photographed but it’s okay if her photos are in People Magazine. The Therapist you selected and paid for doesn’t think she can testify in a court room, but she can be video taped by People Magazine.

I am horrified and disgusted at what Genevieve and Scott Kelley and their legal team are doing to this child. As this case moves forward to trial, I sincerely hope that a Coos County Jury will be equally disgusted. I also hope that the judge will not allow the adult child to testify by video tape. Again, if she has recovered from her fear of being photographed to appear in People Magazine, then the jury deserves to hear her testimony. I don’t personally believe that this child is afraid of seeing her biological father and step mother. She’s more likely afraid of what Scott and Genevieve Kelley will do to her if she tells the truth.

Finally, as a child protectionists, after the 10 year kidnapping, I would also like to see an independent evaluation of this 19 year old adult-child. After a 10 year kidnapping ordeal, the child should be seeing a therapist that is experienced in this area.


2 Responses to Are the Kelleys and Her Legal Team Still Engaging in Witness Tampering?

  1. Franco says:

    In the Elizabeth Morgan/Eric Foretich case, which this current case has been compared to, the daughter (as recently as 2009) still believed that her biological father was no good and had no desire to reconnect with him. In the current case, if things were to continue developing as they currently have been, I suspect that this daughter may end up just like the daughter in the earlier case (i.e. still having no desire to reconnect with her biological father even after the passage of many years). Although this scenario would be disheartening, I now think there is a significant possibility of it actually transpiring.

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Franco,

      The Morgan case was many years ago. In a number of these cases, the adult child eventually figures out that the only way to save their parents prison time is to tell the truth. The reality of these cases is that there is never an actual “disclosure” made by the child. If that were the case, the mothers would not gone this route. The other issue the defendants face is that as the child gets older, they will eventually figure out what really happened. After that occurs, the adult usually disassociates themselves completely from the kidnapping parents lives.

      Genevieve and Scott Kelley face the witness tampering charges which in my opinion are very similar to U.S. Passport Forgery Charges. They are very difficult to defend. You can’t just leave a Family Court Trial and related court ordered physical observation of the child and find your own doctor. I also see issues with the child testifying. I don’t think this particular child will be able to testify with the risk of perjury. It might be difficult for Scott and Genevieve Kelley to control the child’s testimony. The prosecutor can show the child photos of her father’s loving family, siblings, horse — she might even testify that Scott and Genevieve told her to say those things. That’s why the defense wants to control it via video tape. In addition, prosecutors very rarely in these cases are able to cross-examine the victim child.

      The Kelleys are really kidnapping this adult right now. That’s the pathetic part. As we saw with the Dorothy Lee Barnett Case, these adult-child victims eventually come forward and do the right thing.

      It’s still way too early to reach that conclusion. They Kelleys are still thinking that they are going to evade the Felony Convictions and the Prison Time. That daughter will have second thoughts when her mother and step father are being sentenced. That’s when she may even call up her biological father or step mother and ask to meet with them.

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