Kelly Rutherford – Parental Alienator – How much evidence is there?

“I Skype with them almost every day. I don’t say anything bad about their father but I don’t lie to them either. I wish him the best because of our children.” – Kelly Rutherford

I haven’t seen a copy of the Kelly Rutherford’s 2003 Custody Order that gave her former spouse residential custody of the children. What is apparent that whenever she speaks about alleged parental alienation, she chooses her words very carefully. Rutherford believes her former spouse and father of her children is a weapons and drug dealer. It sounds like she doesn’t say anything bad about them but if you read any of the past articles in the media, isn’t that what she is doing? Furthermore in contested custody cases, how many times have we heard custodial-embattled mothers say: “but I don’t lie to them either.” That sure sounds like something a parental alienator would say. She is now starting to disparage her former mother-in-law who apparently has a close relationship with her children.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the children are doing just fine in Monte Carlo.

“A woman who saw them at a garden party in the hills above Monte Carlo ten days ago said he seemed charming and his son and daughter looked healthy and beautiful.”

Daily Beast -‘Gossip Girl’ Star Kelly Rutherford Clears the Air Regarding Her Custody Drama


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