Expert Witness – Dr. Ronald Minson – Did Genvieve Kelley go Therapist Shopping in Denver?

Dr. Ronald B. Minson

Dr. Ronald B. Minson – Was he paid for a False Report?

In past protective parent trials, the protective mother usually goes therapist shopping to get a professional to issue the report that she wants. These reports are rarely used as direct evidence in an on-going Family Court Ordered Evaluation but are used to setup the parental kidnapping. In addition, the protective parent defendant almost always finds a supporter that is close to retirement. It appears that the expert witness or doctor that provided the report in the Kelley Case is the 76 year old Dr. Ronald B. Minson of Denver, Colorado.

Before the Kelley Trial is to begin next month, we wanted to see if we could find any information on Dr. Ronald B. Minson. Here is a review we found on from 2010:

“Dr. Minson is the type of person to create distrust in the medical field. He is so obviously interested in making money over anything else. He actually diagnosed my child over the phone with a serious condition so that we would have the auditory and physical therapy. As if that was not expensive enough, he convinced me to try this equally expensive metaphysical quantum physics liquid. I was trying anything he said out of desperation. A few thousand dollars later, he denied the original diagnosis and downgraded it to a minor condition. As it turns out, my child has a serious biochemical imbalance and I was out of money to get him properly treated. How this quack can sleep at night is beyond me. He shakes nervously because I believe he knows he is taking advantage of people. Beware!” — by Frustrated former client on Oct 13th, 2010

Dr. Minson appears to specialize in Listening Systems therapy. He doesn’t appear to have specialty in cases involving high conflict divorces and abuse allegations. Nevertheless, in this article published by Search for girl reveals bitter family split, it appears The state Division of Children, Youth and Families as well as a court-approved evaluation at a clinic in Portland, Maine interviewed the then 8 year old child and reached the same conclusion as law enforcement, there was no evidence at all against the child’s biological father. Apparently, Dr. Ronald B. Minson elected to provide a different analysis of the child in the Genevieve and Scott Kelley Case. We don’t know why they Kelleys thought that Dr. Minson was so much more qualified than the other professionals in the Northeast that evaluated the child. Maybe we will find out at the trial.

In cases like this, I wonder about the ethics of any child psychiatrist that would evaluate a child without asking the parent if there was any open court-ordered evaluation. In most cases, a psychiatrist would want to make sure their evaluation was approved by the court. Furthermore, you would think that a psychiatrist would want to interview both parents before rendering a credible opinion (unless of course he had advance knowledge that the parents were going into hiding).

As we mentioned before, what continues to disgusts us about the protective parent cause is that this group appears to be hypercritical of the Family Court. The Family Court tries to get a neutral custody evaluation in a fair manner by getting both families to agree on a court evaluator and child psychiatrist to avoid the situation of a parent taking the child to multiple therapists. It appears that Genevieve and Scott Kelly and other protective parents aren’t necessarily interested in a fair process. They want their child to be evaluated by their therapist and were not interested in the opinion of any therapist ordered by the Family Law Court. So as an observer of this particular Parental Kidnapping and Felony Witness Tampering Case, I am personally not interested in hearing the opinions of a Dr. Ronald B. Minson — his opinion doesn’t pass the smell test.  I am hoping the media might further investigate Dr. Minson and see what else turns up.


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