Forced Exile from Homeland? International Child Abduction?


Is Attorney Wendy Murphy helping or hurting International Family Abduction Cases when she claims that Kelly Rutherford’s children have been “forced into exile from their homeland”? In following International Custody Cases over the past two decades, I have personally never heard any parent or his or her attorney make this allegation. My first thoughts were to tell Wendy Murphy that she Kelly Rutherford’s children are not living in exile, they are living with their custodial father, an International entrepreneur in Monaco.

For those not familiar with Monaco, it is on the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by France. It is not a member of the  European Union. It maintains and open border and customs union with France. It is known for its glitzy casinos, yacht-lined harbor and its Grand Prix motor race. It appears on the top of many lists as the world’s wealthiest place.



So is Wendy Murphy actually trying to convince Americans that Kelly Rutherford’s children are living in exile, going to school with the children of some of the wealthiest people in the World. I understand that the children attend a very elite private school.

Kelly Rutherford recently declared bankruptcy. She has recently moved from Los Angeles to New York. She is reported to be in a new relationship for the past two months. She has been on her media crusade to bring her children back to America. Now I am not a Family Court Judge, Family Court Evaluator, Child Psychiatrist, Child Psychologist but does anyone other than People Magazine and the other spoon-fed journalists and social media news sites really believe that Kelly Rutherford is emotionally available for her children? Does she actually want them forcibly removed from the their private school and habitual residence in Monaco?

I personally think that the term “forced from exile from their homeland” as it relates to International Custody cases should be reserved for other other cases. There are a number of cases where both Americans and Foreign Nationals have fled the American Justice System with American-born children. As I’ve stated before, it’s time for Kelly Rutherford and Wendy Murphy to move the conversation to International Custody and International Co-parenting.

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