Will the Judge in the Kelley Case Sanction Alan Rosenfeld?

Alan Rosenfeld, Underground Attorney

Alan Rosenfeld, Protective Parent Attorney

We have followed controversial protective parent attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld over the years. For whatever reason, in Rosenfeld’s cases, he is almost always asking for sanctions against his opposing attorneys. It seems to be a pattern of behavior of his. In other words, accuse the attorney because based on his legal conduct, he’s surely to eventually get accused.

In the Genevieve and Scott Kelley Kidnapping and Witness Tampering Case, Rosenfeld has accused the prosecution of withholding evidence that Genevieve Kelley’s former spouse is “maliciously manipulating the prosecution to continue his angry vendetta against his former wife”. Huh, the defendant and her new husband kidnap a respected doctor’s and kidnap his child for ten years and Rosenfeld calls the prosecution malicious? And how many searching parents do we know that had their child kidnapped, many for much less than ten years would not be doing everything in their means to assist their local district attorney in their prosecution of their former spouse that maliciously and cruelly kidnapped their child.

In these protective parent cases, the defendants rarely surrender without media coverage lined up. It’s apparent that Elaine Aradillas from People Magazine was given an exclusive by the defendant and Rosenfeld. And even local New Hampshire Reporter of the Union Leader has been a victim to the spoon-fed press releases and email from Rosenfeld and the Kelley Supporters.

We are hoping that Judge Peter Bornstein starts to take control of this case and puts a gag order on all parties. Rosenfeld likes to try these protective parent cases in smaller county court houses in America. We are hoping that potential jurors will not be influenced by the one-sided reporting of People Magazine and other members of the media. We are confident that in 2015, a jury from New Hampshire will be able to ensure that the defendants are held accountable for the ten year kidnapping and the felony witness tampering charges. This verdict is not only important to protecting our family court system and child protection system but  but also to deter others from kidnapping their children.

Union Leader


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