Kelly Rutherford is still not admitting to Parental Alienationfds

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford at Recent Conference of Protective Parents

Despite the media blitz for the upcoming conference call between the judge in Monaco and the judge in California over the custody of Kelly Rutherford’s children, the California Judge’s initial order stated:

“Daniel has facilitated the relationship of the children with Kelly . . . and Kelly simply has not done so,”

“[e]ven while under the scrutiny of an extended trial Kelly still has declined to demonstrate the level of commitment to facilitating the relationship that would be required of a residential parent in a relocation situation.”

In 2012, a Massachusetts Attorney, Andrea Dunbar wrote:

“The takeaway from all of this is that judges are extremely concerned with parental alienation and will not hesitate to remove custody from a parent who they believe is attempting to thwart the children’s relationship with the other parent.  Judges in every state are charged with doing what is in the best interest of children, and generally it is in the best interest of a child to have a healthy, loving relationship with both parents.  In my opinion, Rutherford’s media blitz, which in this internet age her children will no doubt someday have access to, has done nothing to help her case or show the Court that she is not attempting to alienate her children from their father.”

Kelly Rutherford has apparently relocated to New York and has a reported new relationship with Tony Brand, an executive for Gucci. For Kelly, I really hope this is a step in the right direction. Rutherford should admit to her part in the parental alienation, mediate a custody agreement with her former spouse and to stop her attack of our Family Court System. She created her situation and now it’s time to back off her approach to bring her kids back to America and start promoting International Co-Parenting. It shouldn’t be an insult to Rutherford that she isn’t the residential parent.


TMZ / Massachusetts Divorce Law Monitor



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