Would You Trust Kelly Rutherford?

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford at Recent Conference of Protective Parents

This site has been monitoring the “protective parent” movement for over 20 years. Earlier this year, I looked at the agenda of this movement’s annual conference and was shocked to see Kelly Rutherford and Wendy Murphy on the speaker’s schedule. I thought to myself, Kelly must truly be getting desperate to get sole custody of her kids. Her kids are not kidnapped from her, she doesn’t have residential custody of her children. Many of us believe this was caused by her inability to demonstrate her capability to co-parent and like many “protective parents” her disrespect for the Family Law Court System.

But now Rutherford is turning to the extremists of groups. This annual conference is the single gathering of the year that attracts “protective parent” supporters. Before a mother kidnaps her child or children and goes into hiding, she more than likely came into contact with one of these activists in the room. These are the protective parent mothers and their supporters that are willing to take any measure including one that may not be legal to get custody of their children. This also may include tactics such as falsifying allegations such as a “weapons or drug dealer” or having your attorney take the blame for turning in your former spouse for immigration or tax issues.

I was also not surprised to hear that Underground Attorney Alan Rosenfeld, Genevieve Kelley’s controversial lawyer was speaking at this conference. In his speech, Alan Rosenfeld admits that he has been arrested numerous times for exercising his first amendment right. He tells those vulnerable custodial-embattled mothers: “Those of you who have lost your children, those of you who know someone who lost their children, keep in mind that no great movement has ever succeeded without people committing civil disobedience. WTF, shouldn’t this attorney be disbarred for moral turpitude with that statement alone? Is he trying to trigger some of these mothers into breaking the law like Kelly Rutherford? Does he think he has a license to tell his defendant clients that they have a right to commit perjury for the so called “movement”. This is a aspect if the protective parent movement that I’ve never understood. It’s as their beliefs, reasonable or unreasonable give them a license to break the law.

So back to Kelly Rutherford. With all the media hype as well as her current financial status, if her former spouse were allow her to fly back to the United States with her children, could she be trusted? Or has Rutherford created the perfect scenario to not return her children to an alleged Weapons and Drug Dealer (her former spouse is apparently an entrepreneur deals with trademarks and patents)? Once the kids were in her posession would she become the next Elizabeth Morgan?

Could these children who currently reside in Monaco and in nearby France in a private school  near their grandmother actually be in better hands with Kelly Rutherford?

Regardless of what happens with Kelly Rutherford’s case, the lesson learned to protective parents is before you fire that first allegation in Family Court, make sure it is sincerely in the best interests of your children. Try and remember why you decided to have a child with that person. What can really be so bad about co-parenting?


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