Will 19 Year Old Mary Appear for a Deposition by the Prosecution?

We would say that 19 year old Mary does not have the mental capacity to look after her needs. Had she been recovered at age 17 or younger, should would have started reunification therapy, started horseback riding lessons and received the best treatment that a physician’s daughter rightfully deserves. Instead, her biological mother, parental kidnapper who is a defendant on trial for parental kidnapping and witness tampering has made her a poster girl for her mother’s cause. What 19 year old in America, of any mental capacity wants to be this poster girl?

In the next 2 weeks, this 19 year old will need to decide if she is going to appear for a deposition by the prosecution. Otherwise, the defense will not be able to allow her testimony. That might have been the defense strategy all along. Have the child provide false testimony to People Magazine Spoon-fed Reporter Elaine Aradillas instead of at the actual trial itself. It appears the child can barely read at 19 years. How can a jury possibly trust her testimony.

I never understood why any mother would use their child as a pawn in case like this. Mothers are suppose to want to protect a child. Is putting your child’s photo in People Magazine protecting your child or exploiting her?

Ten years ago, Genevieve Kelley could have made this child available for observation under both parents’ care by qualified child custody professionals. Instead of doing so back then at the risk of being caught coaching the child like the other protective parent moms before her, she horribly fled the country. Now once again, Genevieve Kelley will have to make her now adult child available to the courts. I’m not convinced she will.


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