Elaine Aradillas of People Magazine the Most Irresponsible and Spoon-Fed Journalist in America

Elaine Aradillas

We saw the interview that Elaine Aradillas of People Magazine did with the 19-year old daughter of Genevieve Kelley. First of all, does anyone in America believe that the child actually wrote that letter? She can sadly barely read it. Secondly, this child is 19 years of age and appears to have some type of special needs. Why would any reporter in America exploit a child like that? Aradillas appears to be reporting spoon-fed reports from Genevieve Kelley and her defense team. This adult child was kidnapped when she was 8 years old, she cannot possibly have the mental capacity to have consented to an interview like that.

We have followed these underground/protective parent kidnapping cases for the last twenty years. The defendant always uses the media to disparage their former spouse. Instead of taking their concerns of their child’s welfare to trained professionals, the defendant and her attorney are taking them to a spoon-fed reporter like Elaine Aradillas. This interview after kidnapping the biological father’s child for 10 years has to be the one of the single most horrible acts of anger and revenge that a report can inflict on a father in these cases. Elaine Aradillas, possibly a survivor herself is not reporting the news, she is participating in it.

For their crimes, Genevieve Kelley and Scott Kelley should be sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Shame on People Magazine, Shame on Elaine Aradillas. Ms. Aradillas should resign from People Magazine.

We encourage all members of the Family Abduction Community to #unfollow #elaineja on Twitter.


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