Complex challenges posed in international child abductions

Reporter Rik Stevens of the Associated Press has written a story on International Child Abductions. As People Magazine and other publications have more or less been publishing spoon-fed press releases from the Defense Attorney in the Genevieve Kelley Criminal Trial, Stevens is the first to report on the International Child Abduction issue.

We are hoping there is a follow-up story by AP as well as other publications on the emotional effects on these kidnapped children. See the congressional testimony of Ernie Allen on this subject:

“Congress made international parental kidnapping a federal offense in 1993, noting “these parental kidnappings seriously affect both the children and the parents deprived of rightful custody. Some child psychologists believe that the trauma children suffer from these abductions is one of the worst forms of child abuse.” — Ernie Allen, President and CEO, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

You can read Rik Stevens’ Article: 

Thank you Ric Stevens for your reporting on this subject.


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