Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a festive occasion when many Families gather for a morning brunch or early dinner. For searching families, it never goes unnoticed that the missing child, step child, grandchild, nephew or niece is not present. In fact the searching families never know if they ever see these children ever again. happy-mothersday How do you explain to young children, teenagers or even aging grandparents what happened to these children?

There is also the abducting families Mother’s Day gathering. For that family, there are usually some family members that may have heard some recent news. Perhaps a secretive phone call has been setup to speak with the mother in hiding. Or more likely, someone may be collecting money to send to the parental kidnapper.

But then the protective mother is probably living near one of the nicest beaches in the World celebrating her own Protective Mothers Day.

To those searching and recovering families, we honor the mothers impacted by this crime. We also wanted to recognize those victim families that are awaiting the criminal trials of the defendants in these cases.


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