Genevieve Kelley Alleged to have Entered Country Illegally in November 2014

The story of alleged International Parental Kidnapper and protective parent Genevieve Kelley is finally starting to unfold. It was revealed in court that the defendant entered the Untied States as recently as November 2014 without a passport stamp. Coos Superior Court Judge Peter Bornstein ordered as part of the bail orders that the Kelleys surrender all expired or unexpired passports. Judge Bornstein said of this issue: “There’s been more bobbing and weaving with respect to this passport issue than I can keep track of in this case,” said the judge.”

Editor’s Note: In past underground cases, the protective mother usually borrows a passport from a friend. Perhaps the U.S. Passport records for all of Genevieve Kelley’s relatives, friends and supporters should be checked. If Kelley returned to the United States using the U.S. Passport of a friend or relative — it might be time for that friend or relative to come forward.

See the article below from The Orleans Record of St. Johnsbury, Vermont.


The Orleans Record – Runaway Kelley Couple Arraigned on New Charges by Robert Biechl (May 8, 2015)


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