Breaking: Genevieve & Scott Kelley Kidnapping Trials Possibly to be Consolidated

If you’ve followed these protective parent trials, it sounds like yesterday’s hearing was just one more “forum” for media and press coverage for alleged parental kidnappers Genevieve and Scott Kelley. It’s also another platform for the defendant to taint the Coos County New Hampshire Jury pool.

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Genevieve Kelley

Scott David Kelley

Scott David Kelley

The defense strategy of keeping Scott Kelley and the adult-child in Costa Rica appears to now have been a irresponsible form of public protest against the U.S. Courts. To think of the amount of resources that would have been saved had Scott Kelley surrendered at the same time as Genevieve Kelley.

Editor’s Note: John Koziol, the reporter for the Union Leader is now reporting a new detail about why Genevieve Kelley didn’t take the child to the Spurwink Clinic in Maine.

“Meanwhile, Genevieve Kelley, growing frustrated that Spurwink, in her opinion, wasn’t doing a thorough investigation, took Mary Nunes to Colorado for evaluation.”

This sounds like the start of Genevieve and Scott Kelley’s defense against the witness tampering charges.

In these protective parent cases, the parental kidnapper almost always engages in therapist shopping. They are often accused of emotionally abusing the child by taking them to a child abuse clinic or even worse, video taping the child. They take the child to numerous child protection professionals until they get the report they want. Usually in family court proceedings, both parties including the lawyers agree on a therapist or clinic. In this case, the court ordered the child taken to this clinic as part of those proceedings but Genevieve and Scott decided to shun the court and deliberately violate that order.

We think as a doctor, Genevieve Kelley should be held to a higher standard. What we don’t understand is that if she thought she found a better clinic in Colorado, after getting that report, why didn’t she return back to the New Hampshire Family Law Court? Why was it necessary to go into hiding for 10 years? Those of us that follow these cases know that she had already decided to go to Costa Rica when she left for Colorado. The stop in Colorado was to get a child abuse report, just like a defense attorney would get an expert witness report. As a doctor, why wouldn’t Genevieve use her knowledge to work with the professionals at the Spurwink Clinic. Why wouldn’t she hire an attorney to help her?

The motive of a parental kidnapping is usually anger and revenge against the other parent and not love or protection of the child. It sounds like we will need to wait for the trial to hear about that. The Criminal Trial for Parental Kidnapping and Witness Tampering of the State of New Hampshire vs. Genevieve and Scott Kelley will most likely begin in September 2015 or later.


Union Leader – Kelleys may have their custody cases consolidated by John Koziol


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