Scott Kelley – Fugitive Arrested by U.S. Marshalls in Atlanta – He was Tricked!

Scott Kelley - Is he Dead or Alive?

Scott Kelley – Fugitive – Arrested

Federal marshals have arrested Scott Kelley, a fugitive accused of kidnapping 8 year old Mary Nunes. Kelley was arrested at the Atlanta Airport. Kelley’s wife, Genevieve is currently on trial in New Hampshire, Coos County for parental kidnapping.

New details have emerged that Scott Kelley may have been led to believe that he was being allowed to return to the United States without charges. He walked into the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica with Genevieve Kelley’s Attorney, Alan D. Rosenfeld and Mary Nunes. He and Mary were issued Temporary United States Passports so they could return to the United States. But Scott Kelley was tricked. He was arrested by U.S. Marshals when he exited the aircraft.


CNN – Scott Kelley, fugitive featured on ‘The Hunt,’ surrenders

The Union Leader


4 Responses to Scott Kelley – Fugitive Arrested by U.S. Marshalls in Atlanta – He was Tricked!

  1. Dale says:

    I wonder what role this kidnapper’s attorney played in this – he had previously mentioned that both the stepfather and the daughter would appear to testify on the mother’s behalf, so perhaps the authorities took advantage of that statement to lure the stepfather into a trap?

    • underwatch says:

      Dale, I would think this particular attorney felt he had negotiated a deal for the step father. What appears wrong is that this child was kidnapped at 8 and held captive for 11 years. She was helpless back then and now as an adult appears to be in the same situation today. This is similar to the plight of the Phillip Garrido girls. This sounds more like it had been Alan Rosenfeld and Genevieve Kelley’s plan from the day she surrendered. In these cases, this is just one more forum to try the case in the media. The People Magazine reporter already had the story before the plane left Costa Rica. Rosenfeld’s participation in the recovery, media coverage and hiding of the victim in this case is what this protective parent cause has been about for 20 years. They have been trying to make the protective parent cause a legal speciality of Family Law. I really like the way they tricked Scott Kelley. He should get the same prison term as Genevieve.

  2. I hope that whoever is supporting Genevieve and Scott Kelly are sleeping well at night.

    • underwatch says:

      I see that Beth Kelley, Scott David Kelley’s sister recently gave an interview to the media. She says the family cares about Mary, but what about the compassion for the child’s biological father and his family. That’s what makes this crime so egregious. The Kelley family does not appear to be encouraging Mary to reunify with her father. If Genevieve and Scott take this to trial, they should get 30 years in prison. This is the only way to deter others from committing this crime.

      The Kelley family should go to court to get custody of Genevieve’s son. Family Abduction is one of the most severe forms of Family Violence and child abuse against a child. How can Genevieve be a fit parent to raise a young child.

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