Breaking: Mary Nunes Found!

Mary Nunes

Our sources are reporting that 19 year Mary Nunes has finally surfaced. Mary appeared in a Costa Rica Embassy with her alleged parental kidnapper and stepfather Scott Kelley after more than 10 years. She is now back in the United States. Accused parental kidnapper Scott Kelley has been arrested in Atlanta, Georgia and is being held without bond.

Here’s a statement from Dr. Mark Nunes:

We love Mary and are overjoyed that she is alive and back in the U.S. Our hearts and home are open to her, and we will do everything we can to insure she remains safe and healthy. We remain concerned about her emotional and physical well-being. We look forward to the day our family is finally reunited.”

The Union Leader is reporting that the 19-year-old Mary Nunes told U.S. marshals that she had only a 10th-grade education, because she was moved from place to place and she was on the run.


People Magazine

Photo: People Magazine

CBS News

Union Leader

Editors Note:

We don’t know why Elaine Aradillas (@elaneja) of People Magazine is sensationalizing the criminal act of the parental kidnapping of the daughter of Physician Mark Nunes. This custodial father has not seen his child in more than ten years and People Magazine should have been more sensitive to this. The criminal parental kidnapping trial of Mary’s mother Genevieve Kelley is scheduled to begin in May 2015 and Mary Nunes is scheduled to testify. Mary is without doubt a victim of both the kidnapping and parental alienation. There is currently a restraining order for Mary having any contact with her mother.

The 19 year old adult-child apparently told U.S. Marshals that she only had a 10th grade education because she was on run. As a parent, that disgusts me. What kind of mother would turn herself in over 5 months ago, leave her daughter in hiding knowing that she was that far behind in her education. If Genevieve and Scott couldn’t handle the parenting of this child, they should have sent her to live with the child’s father and stepmother. Genevieve and Scott were clearly not thinking “in the best interests of the child”. Why would People Magazine print photos of any family member smiling here? The emotional abuse from the parental kidnapping as well as the parental alienation are definitive forms of child abuse in this case. It’s the parent that is accusing the other of the abuse that is the abuser here. That’s the topic that journalists like Elaine Aradillas simply don’t get.

As with other recent parental kidnapping cases, we urge Mary Nunes to contact her biological father Mark Nunes to start the reunification process. Mary’s biological father or his family members can assist her in getting an independent attorney and counseling that she rightfully deserves. In cases like this, it’s the adult-child that could end this continuing custody dispute. She could substantially reduce the amount of prison time her mother and stepfather receive by agreeing now to reunify with her father.

This story was recently featured by John Walsh on CNN”s The Hunt. Again, we don’t understand how kidnappers like Genevieve Kelley are able get People Magazine to disparage the father with unfounded accusations and sensationalize the alleged parental kidnapper. Perhaps People Magazine’s Editorial Staff and Publisher should investigate this.


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