Breaking: Judge Denies Affirmative Defense in Genevieve Kelley Trial!

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Her Affirmative Defense is DENIED

Judge Peter H. Bornstein ruled today that in the case of the State of new Hampshire v. Genevieve Kelley, the defendant cannot use the Affirmative defense. The court concluded that this defense in unavailable to the Defendant.

Jury selection for the trial will begin on May 7, 2015.

Editor’s Note: The judge has not yet ruled on Genevieve Kelley’s use of the competing harms defense. Does Genevieve really expect us to believe that she was protecting her child from “real and imminent physical danger” for the last ten years? That as a medical doctor, when the court sought a full evaluation of her child outside her presence — she didn’t have any other reasonable legal alternatives?

She pathetically did this out of anger and revenge toward her former spouse. She did so because she wanted to write her former spouse out of her daughter’s life. She is a narcissist that believes another set of rules applies to herself than the rest of society. She might even have some form of untreated mental illness such as munchausen syndrome by proxy — an illness suffered by other underground moms that inflict harm on their own child.


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