Breaking: Judge Rules Prosecutor can Question Mary Nunes

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Where is Mary Nunes? Let’s Bring Her Home!

New Hampshire Judge Peter Bornstein ruled on Wednesday, February 4, 2014 that Mary Nunes needs to be questioned by prosecutors before her mother’s trial and that she must do so in person. Mary Nunes has not been seen since 2004 and is realistically still the alienated and kidnapping victim of parental kidnapper Genevieve Kelley. The judge’s ruling allows the prosecutor to question and take the deposition of Mary Nunes prior to her testifying at the trial.

Judge Bornstein also rejected a defense motion to videotape Mary Nunes in a video deposition. In a significant ruling, he told the defense attorney Alan Rosenfeld, “only two parties can make such a request — Mary Nunes as the witness and the state in seeking the taping. He stated that the defense had:

“no standing to assert rights on behalf of Mary Nunes.”

The trial is now scheduled to begin May 5.

Editors Note: We think it’s pathetic how  Genevieve Kelley and her attorney are still hiding the location of Mary Nunes. It’s time this now adult-child, parental kidnapping victim is found. It’s time for the legal system to do something for Mary. We also are insulted that Attorney Alan Rosenfeld and Genevieve Kelley have been testifying or wrongfully speaking for Mary Nunes as the judge pointed out.

We sincerely hope that Judge Bornstein doesn’t allow Alan Rosenfeld to re-litigate the 2004 Custody Case that awarded custody to the father. If Genevieve Kelley objected to the results of that case, she should have hired Rosenfeld back then. Rosenfeld was well known in Colorado at the time having even aired TV Commercials for these types of cases. In addition, with the Kempe Center in Denver, Colorado, it’s always been a well known fact in the Missing Children’s Community that protective parent mothers might end up with medical reports from that city.


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