Genevieve Kelley is the Abuser!

One of the most horrific forms of Domestic Violence against a minor child is a parental kidnapping. On October 22, 2004, Genevieve Kelley kidnapped her 8 year old child. At the time, her child was probably in third grade. How can one possibly imagine telling this child that they will never seen her father again? When the chid cried to see her father, how did Genevieve Kelley respond? Did she send the child to her room for a timeout? The cruelty, emotional abuse, parental alienation that Genevieve Kelley inflicted on her own daughter is disgusting.

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Parental Kidnapper Genevieve Kelly

Yet Genevieve Kelley is claiming “she thought” her child was abused. Despite professionals telling Genevieve Kelley she was wrong, Genevieve did not trust or respect the findings of the New Hampshire or any other court system in America. If you read through the facts of this case and see the evidence, Genevieve Kelley simply left town before the final results of the investigation. This is usually a pattern of behavior with narcissistic parental kidnappers. She wasn’t going to let any Judge, Jury or Child Custody professional tell her how to raise her child.

On Facebook, you see a small group of supporters that are trying to represent that there is a large group of individuals that support Genevieve Kelley. There is also a very small number of members of the media that appear to be writing stories favorable to the defendant. These individuals should be ashamed of themselves. After what Genevieve Kelley did to eight year old child, how can anyone with any compassion toward a young child support Genevieve Kellly’s decision to kidnap her child

Genevieve Kelley is the Abuser in this situation. If she really cared about her child, she would have used the New Hampshire Child Protection and Court System to ensure the safety of her child. Instead, as “the abuser” she did what she wanted. It’s time for Genevieve Kelley do the right thing in this case. Give law enforcement the location of Mary Nunes. Let Mary reunify with her father. Ensure Mary receives the therapy she deserves. And plead guilty saving the New Hampshire taxpayers the costs of a trial.


6 Responses to Genevieve Kelley is the Abuser!

  1. Laura says:

    A question: if a father takes a nursing infant mother from her mother per court order and moves out of the US and never let the baby see the mother that’s ok?
    A year later the appeal court finds the lower court decision was wrong but they cannot do anything about it becuase the baby is out of their jurisdiction.
    Now what? That’s ok because he had a piece of paper to take my US born child, paid off a judge to get custody because the baby was conceived in an other country and he did not want me to stay my own country after birth???
    How is not alienating and kidnaping?

    • underwatch says:

      That sounds like the case of Kelly Rutherford. Again it should have been about co-parenting and joint custody from the first day the child was conceived. Instead, it was about names in birth certificates, reporting your former spouse for drugs and weapons and parental alienation. I have never met the former spouse, but I imagine he is charming, intelligent and the kids love him. If I were Ms. Rutherfold, I would fire Wendy Murphy, find the best Family Law Attorney in America that can help her to show the California Judge and the France Courts that she is a good co-parent. She must openly apologize to the judge, her former spouse and her children for her actions. Become a spokesperson for those sharing International Custody of their children. Do what Adrian Petersen did for his incident, take responsibility and ownership for his actions. Just like with the Family Violence issue, professional athletes should be held to a higher standard, celebrities such as Kelly Rutherford should be in custody cases.
      Another obstacle for Kelly Rutherford is that she can’t stop speaking for her children. Most protective moms lack the parenting skills for age appropriate interactions and boundries with their children. When protective mothers engage in abuse allegations, a last resort step a Family Law court would order an evaluation of the child by a well known clinic like the Spurwink Clinic in Maine. The child is observed with both parents. As was the case with with Genevieve Kelley, it sounds like Genevieve and Scott would have not fared well in those clinical observations. I would imagine that would be the same for Kelly Rutherford in her custody evaluation.

      My issue with the Kelley case is that she is disparaging the reputation of the Spurwink Clinic. The claim by Genevieve is that her paid gun doctors in Colorado are better than the Spurwink Clinic in the Northeast. That is unlikely.

      Kelly Rutherford has a similar issue. She has to consider why she failed the evaluation that led the judge to giving residential custody to her former spouse.

  2. Laura says:

    If I try to go and get i would become the abuser right? Because he can pay off judges and hire the best attorneys? And I can’t!
    Some of your stories are completely messed up because i have seen people bring evidence of a child being raped, audi tape, nurse, baby sitter, doctor testify they knew what the father did that child but yet the court and CPS refuse to listen and take the custody away from the mother. As. Mother they have no choice to protect their child but to run when no one listens and your child is in danger. Everyday we see an another child being raped and killed by the father but yet the court keeps handing them over to the fathers because they have more money! It is a pathetic workd we live in!

    • underwatch says:

      Laura, you are wrong. We have been following these protective parent cases for 20+ years. Here is why:

      1) The allegation of paying off a judge always comes up. But this case is in New Hampshire where Genevieve and Scott had more direct ties to the community.

      2) Genevieve and Scott just raised $500K cash bail. They had access to hire the best attorneys. Gen was a doctor and should have been able to ensure her child received the best treatment. But it appears like most protective mom, she was and is also very manipulative. Thats why she took her child to Colorado rather than Maine. Colorado with the Kempe Center has had a known reputation for protective parent friendly doctors as well as near protective parent attorneys.

      3) The cases on this site are those of protective moms. The protective parent literature provided to the custodial-embattled mothers gives them a guidebook or playbook for proving their allegations. Unfortunately this literature usually acts as triggers for the moms who are now sharing custody of their child. Often the biological father has a new wife that is caring for the child which angers the protective mom. So with any change in the child’s behavior that may be caused by the divorce, the protective mom starts with the so called evidence: taking the child to different doctors, reports from babysitters, artwork from the child. The issue with this evidence is that the protective mom has so much anger and revenge towards her former spouse is that he is her only target. She never considers anyone else or that the child is frightened of her from the medical exams and the mom’s hysteria over the divorce.

      4) In this case, the Maine Clinic would gave observed both parents with the child. I would suspect that Gen knew that the child was surrounded by a loving family with other step siblings. Gen knew she would not do well with new husband Scott. There might even be questions raised about Gens other family members.

      Genevieve Kelley and Scott Kelley knew what they were doing. They had access to money and other resources. Ten years ago, if her protective parent attorney Alan Rosenfeld was so recognized in his field, while in Denver why not hire him? I recollect Rosenfeld even did infomercials back then.

      There are many of us in the Family Abduction Community that have followed these cases that suspect Gen and Scott most like did find the protective parent network. Those are the individuals that helped then hide in Honduras and Costa Rica possibly as missionaries. Their motive was to anger and revenge over the custody case. It sounds like Gen wanted out of New Hampshire and wanted to start a new family elsewhere.

      Laura, when two parents decide mutually to have a child, and then separate, we need a system to settle custody. In America we have a system, the Family Law Court. In that system it is important that parents play by the rules and most importantly respect the court. I acknowledge and empathize that after a divorce, life may not be the same for the father and mother. As the father goes on with his life, remarries and has additional children. But today it’s about co-parenting and joint custody that results in the best interests if the child. Laura, to be a good parent, you need to start thinking about that. And do should Gen and Scott.

    • It’s more probable that SHE could pay off the judges.

      • underwatch says:

        I am not sure about the local politics in this small New Hampshire Community. But in most U.S. Counties both the Judges and District Attorneys are elected. In these protective parent trials, the local groups put pressure on the elected officials. Those elected officials need endorsements for their future campaigns. This defense attorney knew that and has had several unsuccessful attempts at getting a political seat. Some may think it’s a pay off but it may also be characterized as something else. That’s why they used the media in this case. I am going to assume that there was pressure to get rid of the Felony Charges. A 10 year kidnapping should never result in a misdemeanor. The very sad thing is that in the end, the child never received an independent evaluation. The mother selected all the so called professionals that gave her the diagnosis she wanted. Rather than go to trial where she would be publicly embarrassed, she plead guilty. She would rather do the time than apologize to the victims. I am not convinced this small community wanted to deal with this. As I previously wrote, if the kidnapped child was the child or grandchild of the city mayor, I would bet that the punishment would have been much different. IMHO, there is never a legal excuse for kidnapping a child.

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